Strategic Partnerships

AGNITAS has been working with experienced service partners from various online marketing sectors for a long time in order to supplement its know-how and extend its range of offerings available to you. We would like to recommend the following partners in particular:






Thanks to the cooperation between AGNITAS AG and MarAnCon, customers profit from Name Day mailings, date-driven customer communication and much more. With its team of highly experienced statisticians, mathematicians and dialog marketing experts, MarAnCon offers a broad-based consulting portfolio in the areas of database marketing, customer scoring, data mining, social media marketing, online marketing, geo-marketing, marketing strategy and newsletter optimization.

Return Path Deutschland GmbH

The whitelisting program from Return Path, with exclusive certification by the company, offers broad acceptance in the B2B and B2C markets. AGNITAS participates in the program and meets the standards regarding e-mail infrastructure and sending behavior.

Thanks to the largest whitelisting program in the industry, marketeers can considerably improve transmission speed and incoming post rates. Moreover, with 10 years' experience, Return Path is the world's leading company in the area of e-mail analysis and provision as well as preparatory processing and the results gained from these activities.


One to Smile

One to Smile creates personalized images and graphics based on user data. By personalizing the image, target groups can be emotionally integrated into print products or multimedia communication in a lasting manner. This personal version for each addressee or user aids remembrance of the brand and the aim of the campaign.


OpenEMM Representatives

OpenEMM Partner

Support and consulting services for OpenEMM are undertaken by 13 first-class partners in 11 countries across the globe.

The software, a free variant of E-Marketing Manager, already acts as a highly effective tool for over 500,000 users. OpenEMM is the first, and until now the only, Open Source software for professional e-mail marketing.