Companye-Xpress-mailer GmbH - a society of AGNITAS AG

About e-Xpress-mailer GmbH

e-Xpress-mailer GmbH was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of AGNITAS AG. From the beginning, our goal was to offer smaller and mid-range companies professional and affordable e-mail marketing solution.

The central thrust of our development was that the software can be quickly and simply integrating into our customers’ systems.
Small operations in particular often do not have the capacity to care for and maintain e-mail marketing hardware. This is why we provide you with everything from a single source: Hardware, software, database, administration and transmission volumes in one package.

To allow you to always have an overview of your costs, we have decided in favor of the transparent flat-rate model. With the convenient web-based solution (SaaS/ASP), you can access your e-mail marketing software anywhere, anytime.

Robert Pietsch, CEO e-Xpress-mailer GmbHAbsolute transparency with maximum independence!

With this service, companies have the possibility to run professional direct and dialog marketing under the most favorable conditions and without having to provide and operate their own administration or IT resources.

Robert Pietsch, CEO e-Xpress-mailer GmbH