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Documentation files and more

The download center offers various support documents and manuals on OpenEMM for free.

Presentation on how to install, configure and operate OpenEMM

Change log file for OpenEMM 2015 (text format)

Install file for native Windows version of OpenEMM 2013 (text format)

Install & Admin Guide for OpenEMM 2015
OpenEMM-2015_InstallAdminGuide_1.0.0.pdf (link to SourceForge)

User manual for OpenEMM 2013
OpenEMM-2013_UserManual_10.pdf (link to SourceForge)

Documentation of OpenEMM Script Actions
OpenEMM-ScriptActions_Documentation_1.7.pdf (link to SourceForge)

Documentation of OpenEMM web service API 1.0
OpenEMMWebservices121.pdf (link to SourceForge)

Documentation of OpenEMM web service API 2.0
Webservice-API_2.0_EN-v2.0.13.pdf (link to SourceForge)

Documentation of OpenEMM extension interface and database schema (for developers)
OpenEMM_ExtensionDevelopmentGuide_1.0.10.pdf (link to SourceForge)

Setup Guide for OpenEMM 2013 Virtual Machine (for Windows and Linux)
OpenEMM-2013-VMXSetupGuide_1.0.1.pdf (link to SourceForge)

You are a developer and interested in further source code documentation to improve OpenEMM? Please feel free to contact us at contact AT openemm DOT org!

NEW: Accompanying book for OpenEMM of Addison-Wesley (only in German language: E-Mail-Marketing mit Agnitas OpenEMM. Das offizielle Handbuch)

Program and Source File Downloads

Source code and program code files
OpenEMM downloads on

Please use

  • the file for Windows operating systems
  • the tar.gz tarball for all Linux distributions
  • the vmx files for the platform-independent VMware player

The file was tested with Windows XP.
The binary tarball was tested with Red Hat Linux, CentOS and Ubuntu.
The file was tested with VMware player.

Download from Contributors

Typo3 extension to integrate OpenEMM
te_openemm_newsletter 1.0.6

Simple Python client wrapper for new webservices (WS2) of OpenEMM, using the SUDS library
Code for Git on GitHub
Code for Mercurial on Bitbucket

PHP class that abstracts the interface of the legacy webservices of OpenEMM and provides the same functionality as native PHP code (beta version)
PHP class for OpenEMM

Joomla! 1.5 component to connect to OpenEMM (search, change, add and delete subscribers as well as add and change mailinglists)

Joomla! 1.5 module to let users subscribe

ZuckerSync for OpenEMM to synchronize OpenEMM with SugarCRM (<5.2)
release candidate 1 of connector