Reporting and Bugfixing in OpenEMM

Continuous Improvement

We use the OpenEMM bugtracker hosted on SourceForge for public bug reports regarding OpenEMM. There are four types of bugs in the bug tracker, which differ in their status:

1. Pending: bug reports with pending status are not confirmed by the development team (yet) or need more feedback.

2. Open: bug reports with open status are acknowledged by the development team and will be fixed as soon as possible.

3. Closed: bug reports with closed status are already fixed in the latest release.

4. Deleted: bug reports with deleted status have been reviewed by the development team and were rejected.

Confirmed bugs with priority 1 to 3 are minor and will be fixed in the next major release of OpenEMM. Bugs of priority 4 to 6 are major and will be fixed in the next bugfix release of OpenEMM and a separate bugfix will be provided as well (announcement via Twitter). Bugs with priority 7 to 9 are critical and will be fixed as soon as possible via a bugfix and with an extra release.

Bugfixes for OpenEMM

We publish bugfixes in subdirectoy “Bugfixes” of the OpenEMM directory with the corresponding version number in the file download area of SourceForge.

If you want to get notified about the availability of bugfixes for OpenEMM please subscribe to our Twitter log at

Reporting Bugs

If you think you have found a bug, but you are a little bit unsure, please use our support forum Releases and bug fixes.

If you want to report a new bug in the latest version of OpenEMM, please use the OpenEMM bugtracker, select “OpenEMM” in the Group field and the appropriate version in the field “Category”.

Your bug description should include at least the following information:

  • bug description
  • your Linux distribution, release and version (or Windows version)
  • the version of Tomcat you use
  • the version of MySQL you use
  • last not least: the version of OpenEMM you use

Depending on the nature of the bug this could be helpful:

  • attachment with file /home/openemm/logs/catalina.out (Tomcat’s log)
  • attachment with file /var/log/maillog (Sendmail’s log)

Important: if you have found a security issue, please do not use the bugtracker, but send an e-mail to (and ignore the autoresponder message).

Thank you for helping us improving OpenEMM!