Requirements & Technology

What do you need to run OpenEMM?

Anforderungen & TechnologieTo run OpenEMM you need nothing special and
– of course – only open source software!

Technology of OpenEMM:

  • OpenEMM offers all the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art e-mail marketing software
  • OpenEMM is available for Windows and Linux
  • OpenEMM relies on a proven open source software stack
  • OpenEMM can be operated on a cheap Linux server
  • OpenEMM is based on a proven commercial software product, used to send out billions of e-mails/year

General requirements for the server you want to use for OpenEMM:

  • minimum of 1 GByte RAM, 2 GByte is recommended
  • shell access (via SSH) with root user rights
  • fix IP address
  • no need of a dedicated server – virtual server (e.g. VMware) is okay

OpenEMM runs on top of a well proven open source software stack:
Linux, MySQL, Sendmail, Python, Java and Tomcat.

OpenEMM Architecture

Operating System:

  • first choice: RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.x or higher or compatible (like CentOS 5)
  • second choice: Ubuntu 10 or higher
  • third choice: all other Linux distributions like Fedora Core 5, Novell Suse 9.x or Open Suse 10.x or higher
  • fourth choice (due to lower platform reliability): Windows

Software Stack:

  • Sun JDK 8
  • Tomcat 8
  • MySQL 4.1.18 or higher (we have not used older versions)
  • Sendmail 8.13 or higher (not required for Windows version of OpenEMM)
  • Python 2.4.x or higher

If you get OpenEMM running on platforms not mentioned here, please notify us at (subject: “OpenEMM requirements”) so that we can update this page with your knowhow.


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