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Measure your success!

The EMM offers you a lot of possibilities to value the success of your e-mail marketing.
Some of these statistics you find only at AGNITAS.

There are some of these extraordinary statistic data:

Invisible openers

This figure shows the complete success of your mailings.
Do you know how many of your recipients open the newsletter, without reloading the images? Only mailings with displayed images can be safely recorded. Usually 20 to 40 percent of the openers read mails with blocked images.

AGNITAS provides not only the measurable openers in your statistics, but also the invisible openers. We have found a method to detect the invisible openers and also to show you the full success of your mailings.

Benchmark statistics

Compare your mailing with the average of the market.
Which open rate is actually good and are my click rates better than my competitors ones? Many distributors are looking for this answers. It is very difficult to get such numerical data and if you find something, it is actually already obsolete again.

With the benchmark statistics in the EMM you can easily compare your mailing with the average of your or other industries. The statistics show the average values of all mailings sent by AGNITAS in the last 90 days.

The benchmark statistics shows you the values of eleven different branches. Furthermore you can compare yourself with the average of all branches.

Existing branches:

Agencies Retail/Commerce Non Profit
Education Manufacturing Industry Tourism
Communities/Clubs IT/Telecoms Publisher/Media
Finance Consumer Goods Overall branches

More statistics and reportsEMM Statistics

Besides the already mentioned figures you can find also the following values in the software:

  • Number of sent e-mails
  • Number of delivered e-mails
  • Delivery progress
  • Openers (measured / invisible / total)
  • Openers by device
  • Openers progress
  • Clickers
  • Clickers by device
  • Clickers progress
  • Clicker statistic link clicks
  • Clicks of social network buttons
  • Heatmap
  • Bounce statistic (soft and hard bounces)
  • Revenue of a mailing with the shop measurement
  • Recipient progress
  • Recipient status
  • Mail format
  • Domain overview
  • IP overview

You can see these values every time live in the tool or you can get an individual report via e-mail. Another possibility is to compare some mailings with each other or to display a monthly report.

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