Using the WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Individualized Campaigns

WhatsApp Marketing Tool für mehr Reichweite

Using the WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Automated and Individualized MessagesTake advantage of the award-winning multi-channel marketing software for WhatsApp campaigns

Messenger services, and WhatsApp in particular, cannot be ignored for modern communications. Use of these services is increasing quickly and reaches many people in the meantime. Now that there’s a desktop application for it, usage of WhatsApp is certain to increase. This and many other reasons indicate that this channel will be beneficial for marketing campaigns. You can also use AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM), the high-performance digital push marketing suite that has won several awards, as the perfect tool for WhatsApp marketing campaigns. With EMM, you can customize your control of WhatsApp messages and Facebook Messenger with other channels like email, web push, text messages and fax.

Advantages of WhatsAppWhat are the advantages of integrating messenger services and WhatsApp into customer communications?

Advantage 1: Impressively high Opening Rates

Basically no WhatsApp message is going to remain unread. For that reason, an opening rate of 95% is definitely realistic.

Advantage 2: Broad Reach

According to a current statistical study done by Statista, 65 percent of all Germans are using WhatsApp, including 44 percent are even using it daily.

Advantage 3: Multimedia Capabilities

WhatsApp can also display links, videos, voice messages, emojis, GPS data, attachments and contacts.

Advantage 4: No Spam or Spam Filters

With WhatsApp, there is no danger of the message being dropped in the recipient’s Spam folder because of mistaken keywords.

Advantage 5: Inexpensive

Because WhatsApp (still) does not charge any usage fees for the transmission of messages, the costs are minimal.

Advantage 6: Secure Transmission of Data

WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end, which makes this channel ideal for sensitive data.

Vorteil 7: Realtime Marketing

WhatsApp messages will be sent in real time and can therefore also be used for real-time campaigns.

Advantage 8: More Direct Response

WhatsApp recipients can also use it for responses or click on links without changing the media channel.

Advantage 9: Good Statistical Accounting

Since WhatsApp is keeping track of the receipt of messages and link click rates, you can optimize your campaigns very efficient.

Advantage 10: Notifications

Recipients are notified about new messages as well as the number of unread messages and read those more regularly than e-mails.

Advantage 11: Journaling of Chats

Because all of a sender’s messages within a discussion can be reviewed, recipients will never lose sight of the conversation.

Vorteile WhatsApp Marketing

Disadvantages of WhatsAppConsiderations

Until recently, WhatsApp did not support commercial usage. This means that senders had to be very careful about the number of their messages. AGNITAS automated the opt-in process using several numbers* once a distributor had more than 1,000 recipients so that WhatsApp would not block the messages. If senders created a negative appearance, WhatsApp would block the associated account and all of the opt-in approvals associated with those phone numbers would be lost.

Registering for a WhatsApp distributor was also a complex process, because recipients first had to save the phone number in their telephone book and then issue their approval using a Start message. The process required a lot of motivation on the part of the recipients. Don’t forget that WhatsApp can only be used by recipients who are at least 16 years old because of the youth protection laws.

If the use of the service is handled conscientiously and responsibly, WhatsApp becomes an effective new communications channel for customers.

* This does not change the way that you use the software, meaning that you create a message that will be sent to all of the recipients in your chosen target group.

Suggested Uses for WhatsApp MessagesTypical Uses for WhatsApp

  • Service notifications:
    VMany examples of customer communications can be automated using WhatsApp messages. You can send notifications about shipment, confirm receipt of payment or notify the customer that the vehicle is ready for pick up. Transmission of the messages can also be triggered.
  • Customer support:
    Using this channel, complaints can be managed and support can be provided live. WhatsApp can also be more helpful for traditional shops than a Live Chat feature integrated into a web site. In addition, customers keep their conversation and can access it at any time.
  • News tickers:
    Several media options are already using WhatsApp to update a news ticker with the latest headers for distribution.
  • Special Deals
    A WhatsApp is not a newsletter and can only be used to convey a limited amount of information in a reasonable manner. For that reason, this channel is better suited for special deals that are highly exclusive and limited to special offers, such as bathroom products that will only be available at a 30 percent discount until that evening.

The use of WhatsApp has become widely popular in the meantime, even with tradespeople and service providers who use WhatsApp largely in place of conference calls for appointments.

Sending WhatsApp Messages using AGNITAS E-Marketing ManagerUsing the professional WhatsApp marketing provider to individualize and automate WhatsApp messages

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager provides you with a professional WhatsApp messaging package. EMM can do more than just sending messages for you. Take advantage of the following features:


Cross Channel Marketing

Using the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager, you can not only implement WhatsApp messages professionally, but also integrate other communications channels into your campaigns. In addition to WhatsApp messages, you can also take advantage of email, web push notifications, messenger services, text messages and faxes for communicating with your customers.

Here you can learn more about the other marketing channels

Using CRM Features to Personalize and Individualize Messages

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager has integrated CRM features. You can store any characteristics and information desired about your leads along with phone numbers. In addition, you can match the phone number with customer database and assign it to one person. Doing this makes it easy to use this information for creating target groups as well as personalizing and individualizing WhatsApp messages.

Marketing Automation

By automating marketing you make sure that your WhatsApp messages will also be sent at the right time and the recipient will get the message when they are expecting messages. You can schedule WhatsApp messages in real time using triggers, such as for online orders or receiving requests for work through other channels.

Here you can learn more about marketing automation

Standard Interfaces

By integrating other popular systems, you can access the relevant data needed for your WhatsApp marketing messages using E-Marketing Manager. We have the appropriate WhatsApp API, which you can use through EMM. For example, you can compare new numbers with your existing CRM system or prepare updated warehouse inventory reports.

You will learn more about interfaces here

Design, Test and Schedule

Using EMM, you can design the WhatsApp message first, personalize it and test it before transmitting it. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can schedule transmission using either a trigger or a fixed point in time.


Using Statistics for Transparency

Keep an eye on the success of your campaigns. Using E-Marketing Manager, you can evaluate the order rates and link clicks for individual WhatsApp campaigns and monitor deliveries to individual recipients. The development of the distributor can also be tracked transparently using new requests to subscribe and unsubscribe.


Creating & Sending using EMMUsing the Software

The use of the software has been kept as simple as possible. First, you choose the desired channel. Then, compose your message using an entry control. The message can be created using images, video clips, emojis, links and other decorative effects depending on the message channel selected. With the help of AGNITAS tags, you can replace certain placeholders with personalized text and include dynamic content. By selecting a distribution list and, if necessary, a target group, you can define additional filters for the group of recipients. Access to the recipient’s phone number, or the email address for Facebook Messenger, in the system is the prerequisite for individualization. This information can be used to match the records in the database to other information. Transmission can be scheduled or activated by a trigger.

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