Respond to your recipients with their individual interests!

So that your readers get exactly the content they are interested in, AGNITAS offers different content categories, like for example:

  • Daily News
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Technique
  • Politics & Economy

(Additional topics are available on request.)





For an optimized integration in your newsletters there are different article types for choice:



Top Story:

  • most comprehensive news with 7 - 10 lines
  • contains: headline, copy and link source



  • important news with 3 - 6 lines
  • contains: headline, copy and source link

News flash:

  • bullet points with maximum two lines
  • contains headline and source link



  • quotation of the day
  • number of the day
  • link tip or other things (Tilt)



Customized Content Newsletter


You can choose if you want to integrate the news directly into your existing newsletter or if you like to send an independent editorial newsletter.

Independent Customized Content Newsletter:

Become the daily newspaper for your customers

  • Content on a daily basis
  • Categories and article types will be integrated automatically
  • Possibility to integrate own articles
  • Possibility to integrate own or foreign ads


Become the daily newspaper with customized content

Your newsletter with additional Customized Content:

Choose the article types which matches best to your newsletter content. Furthermore you can integrate the weather forecast of the recipients location or the daily horoscope of the recipient. 

More information about the modules: Weather & Horoscope


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