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On this page you will find various contents which we can make available to you partly free of charge, partly against registration and partly subject to a charge for downloading. The offer is constantly extended. So please feel free to visit us regularly and find our new templates!


E-Mail Creator Templates are suitable for the following products:

  • EMM SaaS
  • EMM Inhouse
Template "Easter 1"
Easter Template 1

✔ Easter newsletter for products
✔ customizable & responsive
✔ free of charge

Template "Easter 2"
Easter Template 2

✔ Easter newsletter, versatile in use
✔ customizable & responsive
✔ free of charge

Templates for Standard Method are suitable for the following products:

  • EMM SaaS
  • EMM Inhouse
  • EMM Xpress
  • OpenEMM
Template "neutral design"
Mailing Template neutral (für Standard-Methode)

✔ Classic newsletter template, versatile in use
✔ customizable & responsive
✔ free of charge

Template "festive design"
Mailing Template 2 (Standard-Methode)

✔ Editorial Newsletter
✔ customizable & responsive
✔ free of charge

Templates for forms are suitable for the following products:

  • EMM SaaS
  • EMM Inhouse
  • EMM Xpress
  • OpenEMM
Newsletter subscription (incl. double opt-in)
Subscription Step1 Standalone

✔ Neutral design (based on bootstrap)
✔ individualizable, responsive, integrable
✔ free of charge

Newsletter unsubscription
Unsubscription Step 1

✔ Neutral design (based on bootstrap)
✔ individualizable, responsive, integrable
✔ free of charge

Preference Center
Formular for Preference Center step 1

✔ Neutral design (based on bootstrap)
✔ individualizable, responsive, integrable
✔ free of charge

Webview for Mailings

✔ opens mailing in browser
✔ free of charge

OpenEMM files

✔ binaries or pre-installed as OVA
✔ incl. installer
✔ free of charge


Suitable for:
Red Hat, CentOS Linux, AlmaLinux, SLES

Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)

Suitable for:
Windows, Mac, other

OpenEMM User Manual

Suitable for:
all operating systems

Marketing & Miscellaneous

EMM Feature comparison of all variants with an overview of all functions
EMM function comparison of all variants

Here you will find an overview of all features of the E-Marketing Manager. Compare the functional range of the different product variants and find out which one suits you best. If you have any questions, simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right product variant!

Analytics package for more data quality
Analytics Package

AGNITAS’ Analytics Package provides you with valuable knowledge about your email marketing processes.
With the Analytics Package you will increase the success of your e-mail campaigns in the long term. The package supports you in many ways.

Intelligent processes for precision contents
Automation Package

Marketing Automation: Intelligent processes for tailor-made content. The sending of automated, event-related mailings such as anniversary vouchers or product recommendations becomes child’s play.

More Control and Flexibility for Delivery
Delivery Package

More Control and Flexibility for Delivery. The successful delivery of e-mails is our central task. The Delivery Package offers you more options to take control of your delivery and protect your distribution list from loss.

Newsletter design made easy with the Layout Package
Layout Package

The Layout Package lets you design your newsletter in the blink of an eye. You can not only create and design your own templates, but also test the appearance of your layout in various mail clients before sending.

When you have finished the layout of your template in the Layout Builder, it is available in the E-Mail Creator for straightforward mail design by drag & drop. In this way, editors and content managers can implement content in your newsletter quickly and easily – without any HTML knowledge. The templates are based on a simple grid: you define the number of columns, spacing and widths. Various text and image modules also make the creation of mailings easy.

Greater sales through maximum customer centricity
Retargeting Package

Retargeting means you pick up your customer‘s needs at optimum level, offering him tailor-made contents.

Via the AGNITAS Retargeting package you will find, in a simple and automated process, what is interesting your recipient at the moment. You can send your recipient information on this subject in a targeted way at the right time.
In combination with the Automation Package you will be even more flexible in the design of your retargeting campaigns.

Fastest omplementation of standardized data exchange
Auto Import Export

With the auto-import and auto-export the fastest implementation of standardized data exchange. The method is as simple as it is effective. The data exchange is done via a simple CSV file.

Automatically collect, process and distribute content
Content Hub

Automatically retrieve, process and distribute external content. Use the Content Hub as an intelligent interface for individual content and meet the special requirements of modern content management.

highest IT Security Standard for maximized data security
Data Protection and Security

For AGNITAS, data protection and data security have top priority. Since our foundation in 1999, we have applied the highest security standards with physical, electronic and legal data protection measures. With the implementation of the management system for information security according to ISO standard 27001, AGNITAS ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information within the sphere of influence of the entire organization.

We don’t leave successful delivery to chance
Delivery Management

The successful delivery of your e-mailings is our central task. This is why AGNITAS has been actively involved in the DDV Code of Ethics for Email Marketing and the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) of the DDV (German Dialog Marketing Association) and eco (Association of the German Internet Industry).

We carry out a wide range of measures to ensure that your e-mail delivery rate is as high as possible.

Creating responsive newsletters - even without HTML knowledge
E-Mail Creator

Create responsive newsletters – even without HTML knowledge. The E-Mail Creator makes newsletter creation child’s play: With the help of layout templates and various text and image modules, mailings can be created in no time at all using drag & drop.

Newsletter design made easy
Layout Builder and E-Mail Creator

With the Layout Builder you can create new templates for your newsletter in no time at all. You can adapt your templates to your corporate design at any time and create your own layouts for the E-Mail Creator.
Your templates are then available for easy mailing creation with the E-Mail Creator. Neither HTML nor CSS knowledge is required to send e-mails with the E-Mail Creator.

User and Client Management

With user and client management within the E-Marketing Manager, a user with administrator rights can manage several clients and in addition allocate individual access rights for these clients to further users.

Thus it provides the option to grant access to the E-Marketing Manger for mulitple people with different user rights.

Reach your customers directly while they surf the Web
Web Push Notifications

With the Web Push Service of AGNITAS you can provide consumers with up-to-date news in their browser while they surf.

When a prospect or customer registers for the notification service on your site, they will receive your short messages via their web browser directly while surfing. The browser only needs to be open in the background, no matter what website they are currently using. No additional application like an app or email client is required. You easily manage and control the web push notifications in the E-Marketing Manager.