Green Mail – our contribution to climate protection

Sustainable digital communicationThis is how AGNITAS contributes to low-emission e-mailing

Sustainability has long since ceased to be a private matter, but is increasingly occupying companies as well. The current climate developments are worrying and we all ultimately bear the consequences. Therefore, we at AGNITAS would also like to make a contribution to climate protection. The good thing is that through our efforts our customers also contribute something to climate protection, because their e-mails and newsletters are created and sent climate neutral.

Of course, a software and Internet company does not have the resource requirements as, for example, a company in the manufacturing sector, but we still need electricity in particular to keep our IT infrastructure running. To make this as CO2-neutral as possible, we have taken the following measures:

  • The electricity for the office comes from renewable energy sources. We use the M-Ökostrom business Vario tariff from Stadtwerke München.
  • Renewable energies are also used exclusively for the operation of our data center.
  • In addition, our data center is only 5 minutes away from the office. This not only saves time, but also gasoline, i.e. fossil fuels.
  • Our hardware is regularly maintained to ensure the longest possible service life.
  • There is a detailed set of rules for our data, which includes the various storage periods as well as corresponding deletion processes. This releases unnecessary storage capacity and thus also saves energy.
  • Further measures are already planned.

We also strive to consistently improve our carbon footprint in other areas. The top priority here is to avoid and reduce emissions. That is why we have optimized more and more processes in recent years and, for example, replaced sources of supply and consumers with climate-friendly alternatives. All employees also contribute to this by using public transportation or bicycles whenever possible, using home offices, and consciously using heating, electricity, and water.

Of course, we are not resting on our laurels, but are constantly looking for further potential for improvement. Every ton of CO2 that does not have to be offset is the best.

The second priority is to compensate for the remaining emissions. We offset the emissions that we still cause today with the help of certified climate protection projects. It was particularly important to us that we also make a regional impact. In this way, we are helping our forests to adapt to climate change.

Our contribution is also your contributionRely on climate-neutral technology

Green Mail

Of course, as an AGNITAS customer, you also benefit from our efforts in favor of climate-friendly and CO2-neutral operations. To emphasize this a little more, we would like to enable you to use our Green Mail by AGNITAS environmental seal. If you would like to use this as an AGNITAS customer, we will be happy to provide you with the seal. To do so, simply send an e-mail with the keyword “Green Mail” to