Delivery Package for more control and flexibility for delivery

With the Delivery Package you can manage delivery of your marketing campaigns even more flexible.These added features round out optimally the delivery management in EMM.

Benefits of the Delivery Package

Components of the Delivery Package

Send Time Optimization

Send your mailings when your recipients are most likely to open them, increasing the open and response rates.

Send time optimization automatically determines the time frame in which each recipient responded most frequently in the past. When you enable the send time optimization, the recipient receives the mailing according to their individual preferences.

Advanced Hardbounce Validation (AHV)

Advanced Hard Bounce Validation verifies whether hard bounces actually are not reachable and reactivates irregular hard bounces automatically.

Mail clients regularly report back false hard bounces or an inbox that was full, but can now receive e-mails again. The advanced hard bounce validation adds these addresses to the normal delivery using a sophisticated algorithm, so that your reputation is never put at risk. If it is possible to successfully deliver to an address, the program reactivates that address. Regular reporting provides you with an overview of how many addresses you can get back in this way.

Feedback-Loops mit E-Mail Providern

Feedback loops protect the reputation of your mail servers from (unjustified) spam markings and keep your mailing list clean.

Recipients, who click on the spam button instead of using the unsubscribe link, thread your mail-server reputation. To prevent this, we have established feedback loops with several e-mail providers, e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail. These feedback loops unsubscribe your recipients and they will not get further mailings. Additionally you save money because you do not send mailings that are not welcome.

Coming soon: Mailing Cockpit

With the mailing cockpit, you control how many e-mails a recipient may receive per day and
prioritize the relevant mailings.

This ensures that the recipient does not pull the emergency brake due to too much contact. The recipient only gets the mail that is most important from your point of view.

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