Content Hub – the intelligent content interface

AGNITAS Content HubAutomatically collect, process and distribute content from external sources

With the Content Hub you get a content interface for special requirements in order to process content automatically and intelligently in the E-Marketing Manager. This allows you not only to connect the most diverse content sources, but also to process and control the content in a rule-based manner. In addition to automated data processing, manual interventions and direct content input are also possible. Thus, editors retain full control at all times. In addition to editorial content, the Content Hub can also be used to control the placement of paid content and banner ads.

The most important advantages of the Content Hub at a glance

  • More relevance & more response: recipients choose their content themselves
  • Flexible content: Combines any resorts and categories according to a given set of rules
  • Media turnover: Market your ad spaces
  • Familiar systems: editors create content at a central location

Features of the Content Hub

Rule-based content processing

With the Content Hub, complicated processing rules for content sources can be implemented automatically. For example, the following use cases are possible: If there is no content in a category, skip this category, otherwise display only the first three posts; display only posts that are not older than 24 hours; use certain headlines in the subject line; populate different content modules with different designs, etc.

Each set of rules is assigned a template in the E-Marketing Manager. The contents flow into this basic design according to the given rules and thus generate a completely individual mailing for each recipient.

Customized content newsletter
Complex rules for dynamic content
Automated processing

Interface to external content sources

The Content Hub can not only process CSV or XML content, but can also read RSS feeds and HTML pages. This makes the Content Hub particularly interesting because your editors don’t have to leave familiar CMS systems and don’t need to have any know-how for the creation of newsletters. The content is simply picked up where it originates anyway and can be used for several purposes at the same time.

Processes RSS feeds, HTML pages, CSV, XML
Content creation at a central location
No software knowledge required for EMM

Ad Banner Management

Use different ad spaces in your newsletter according to predefined rules. You do not need to log in to the EMM to do this. In the Content Hub you upload the content and define the publication period and the ad space. This allows you to easily market your advertising space and generate additional business.

Insert content and select placement
Define publication period
Additional revenue opportunities

Manual content creation

You can not only retrieve articles from external sources. You also have the possibility to add individual teaser contributions to the newsletter. You create and schedule these articles directly in the Content Hub. If desired, the headline of the teaser contribution can also be included in the subject line.

Contribute individual teaser articles manually
Insert headline in subject

Dispatch Management

The Content Hub also controls dispatch. There are various setting options for this. You can activate and deactivate individual contents as well as the entire newsletter. It is possible to suppress the processing of the contents and the dispatch on a certain day (e.g. holiday) via so-called blocking data. In addition, if certain minimum contents are not available, the rules can be used to define that the dispatch is interrupted by Auto-Stop.

activate / deactivate
administrate blocking data
Auto-Stop if minimum content is not reached

Ad hoc dispatch for breaking news

If a new headline comes in at very short notice and is to be published, a so-called “breaking news” can be created via the Content Hub. This message is also sent to the recipients immediately after completion.

Creation of breaking news
Immediate dispatch
Preview function

Webmaster Tool for Customer Care

With the webmaster functionality of the Content Hub, employees from customer service or external call centers can quickly and easily find and unsubscribe recipients. Employees do not have to log into the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager, get a very easy-to-use tool and at the same time have no access to sensitive personal data.

 Quick and easy usage
No confidential data accessible
Password-protected login area

Interested in the Content Hub? We are glad to inform you!