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GOs and NGOs

Special solution for special needsSecure email marketing for government agencies, administrations, government organizations, foundations & Co.

Data protection is particularly important for government agencies and non-governmental organisations. After all, who would want strictly confidential information or personal data to be disclosed to the outside world? Such incidents can quickly have negative consequences for data owners and those affected. On the one hand, institutions of this kind have particularly sensitive data stored and, on the other hand, they have a role model function and are therefore much more under observation than, for example, a commercial enterprise.

However, this also makes it more difficult to find suitable software solutions. Most providers now rely on cloud services. Unfortunately, it is not possible to work in a closed system with these and absolute security against external access is therefore not available. This also applies in particular to e-mail marketing and marketing automation, since personal data is the starting point here. But it does not mean that government agencies, offices, administrations, associations, foundations and non-profit organisations have no need for communication solutions…

The license version of the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager offers a remedy here. You have maximum control over your data and processes. The EMM Inhouse is a software license and especially suitable for all those who do not want or are not allowed to give their data away, but still want to use professional e-mail marketing. But there are even more arguments for our award-winning software on Premise…

Benefits of a software license for GOs and NGOsThere are many reasons to rely on the EMM Inhouse as a governmental or non-governmental organization

  • You have maximum control over your data and access to it
  • Software license means one time purchase and permament use
  • Enables secure internal and external communication to large distributors and target audiences
  • With a hybrid solution, dispatch via white-listed servers is possible
  • Any deep integration and expansion of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Flexible implementation through support of MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle databases
  • Individually scalable server park according to distributor size and demand
  • Runs on many Linux versions, so no Windows licenses required
  • Separate sub-clients possible for own divisions and branches
  • EU-GDPR compliant due to numerous features
  • Audit-proof logging of user activities
  • Whitelabeling for GUI Customizing
  • Direct access to the database
  • Individual security hardening of the configuration

Everything in one placeWhat the EMM Inhouse offers you

Delivery from…

individualisierten und personalisierten E-Mails, etc.

Documents and forms; also as personalized PDFs

automated service and transaction mails.

Regular interval mailings, e.g. for invoices

date-controlled mails, e.g. for birthdays, deadlines

Messages to individuals, target audiences or all

SMS for access codes or service notifications

Faxing to distributors – also including personalization

In addition, the EMM Inhouse offers:

CRM functionality for target group formation & data enrichment

Different statistics and analysis functions for success measurement

Delivery and read control on receiver basis

Whitelisting for increased delivery security

Online forms for user self-administration

Documented interfaces for flexible integration

Master/sub-clients for separate databases

Campaign manager for automated mail routes

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Fields of application

Even though it may not be obvious at first glance why government and non-profit organizations need marketing automation software, there are numerous applications in which professional software is used. Here you can find some examples and suggestions:

Internal Communication

Surely there is also important information and messages in your authority or organization which must be communicated to all employees or even only to a part of the colleagues. Newsletters are predestined for that purpose. So you can establish different newsletter formats according to need and target group. For example, a newsletter can appear once a month, summarizing the most important events and innovations for all employees. In addition, there could be an information letter that only addresses executives. And an additional mailing dedicated to a specific employee segment as needed. If, for example, a system change or process change occurs, only those employees who are actually affected are comprehensively informed. Employees thus receive all the information that is relevant to them, but are not bothered with personally irrelevant information. But more informal distribution lists are also conceivable – for example, there could be an apprentice eLetter or a low-cost employee magazine. The advantages are obvious: more motivation, more commitment, more fun at work, more exchange.

Since it is an in-house system, all data remains in your hands and is not transmitted to third parties. Sensitive employee data and information remain protected and cannot be accessed from outside.

👉 Secure communication within the organisation

👉 Employees are up to date, with no loss of time

👉 Employees only receive the information that is relevant to them.

👉 More exchange and communication promotes loyalty

External Communication for Organizations

Just as important as internal communication is external communication in order to stay in touch with all important interest groups and to show presence. For organizations, newsletters are an excellent way to inform sponsors about new projects. But it is also important to show what happens with the funds provided and that they are used according to expectations.

You can also provide interested parties with further information material, such as studies or whitepapers, via your website. After registration by e-mail, the interested party will directly receive all requested information. This way you can expand your e-mail distribution list and your range without much effort.

Another field of application is event management. Surely there are also some events you can attend, such as presenting new projects,  thanking honorary members or to convince sponsors. Use the E-Marketing Manager to inform about the respective event and benefit from ticket management via the e-abo manager. The combination of the two applications enables you to automate the management of your event tickets. Vouchers for discounted admission and QR codes for ticket registration can also be easily integrated.

👉 Information for interested parties, sponsors and sponsors on current topics and projects

👉 Automatic provision of information material to interested parties

👉 Event management incl. ticket dispatch

External communication for authorities

For public authorities, communication with citizens plays a particularly important role. On the one hand, it is possible to work with a classic newsletter, for which citizens can register and which then acts as a digital equivalent to the classic Official Journal and informs about innovations of any kind.

On the other hand, communication with authorities on personal concerns of citizens is mandatory. In addition, many citizens want to be able to deal with their concerns digitally without having to rely on the opening hours of the town hall, citizen’s offic or the respective office. In this way, forms and documents – even pre-personalized – can be made available quickly and easily. But the EMM can also provide in-house support for documents with longer waiting times, e.g. identity cards or passports. Simply notify them by e-mail as soon as the document is ready for collection. This saves the citizen from having to make queries and phone calls.

If an appointment on site is necessary, it is possible, for example, to integrate a digital appointment agreement into the website of the respective authority. This is possible via the e-abo manager. The citizen then automatically receives an appointment confirmation with a number and a link that allows the appointment to be cancelled or postponed. On the side of the authority, the respective appointment is recorded and integrated into the calendar of the authority. A reminder e-mail can then be sent to the citizen one day before the appointment, which also lists the documents required for the appointment. Win-win situation on both sides: The employees of the authority therefore have no additional effort and only make the appointment on site. The citizens are happy about less waiting times, can easily arrange their appointments online and are informed about everything important. The E-Marketing Manager thus takes over the complete automation of your standard communication processes and relieves your employees.

👉 Digital Official Journal for Citizens

👉 Online Appointments and Appointment Management

👉 Direct document dispatch

👉 Pick-up notifications

👉 Highest data protection

If an Inhouse solution is out of the question for you, e.g. because you have no resources for the operation and administration of the software and hardware, then you can relax and fall back on our EMM SaaS solution. The EMM SaaS offers every convenience of an in-house solution and is secured by the highest security standards and meets the requirements of ISO standards 27001, 27017 and 27018.

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