Retargeting Package for more individual contacts

AGNITAS Retargeting PackageFor more individual customer contacts

The Retargeting Package lets you address the needs of your customer optimally in communications. You offer tailor-made content with E-Marketing Manager, which makes the content more relevant. Generate more sales through maximum customer centricity. Tip: The Retargeting Package is most powerful in combination with the Automation Package.


The most important benefits of the Retargeting Package at a glance

  • Visitor identification: Behavior tracking even without login of the visitor
  • No ad blockers in the e-mail: Your message is viewed
  • Precision communication: You determine, who, what, when and how
  • Sales growth: Maximum relevance and customer centricity

Components of Retargeting Package:

Behavior TrackingCaptures the surfing behavior of your visitors without logins

Most people recognize retargeting or remarketing as the colorful banners that appear everywhere after you have recently visited a website. Several studies have shown that a so-called banner blindness has occurred – we do not even register the content anymore. In some cases, we even see advertisements for products that we have already bought and no longer need. Another unattractive side effect of these banners is that ad slots are usually purchased through media brokers, which means you do not control where your ads display. Retargeting by e-mail is a lot more elegant. You decide for yourself who sees which products, where they see them and in which design. The environment is the familiar e-mail inbox, without disturbing foreign content and with high response rates.

Behavior tracking is the most important part of the Retargeting Package. With behavior tracking, you first record the buying and surfing behavior of your newsletter subscribers on the website. The great thing is that you can tailor your mailings completely to the interests of your visitors – and they do not even have to log in! Tracking pixels, integrated into your web site, help gather a wealth of information, from pageviews to sales. These data are automatically assigned to your recipients via cookies and stored in the recipient profile in the E-Marketing Manager.

 Enrichment of recipient profiles with interests
Assignment of surfing behavior requires no login on the part of the visitor
Triggers allow you to send automated campaigns to individual recipients


Reference tablesManage your product data, coupon codes and other recipient-independent data

Reference tables may sound unspectacular at first, but are an incredibly valuable feature. They also form the basis for any retargeting campaign. All behavior tracking data is managed in reference tables. This way, you always have an overview of all recorded transactions of all recipients.

But not only that: Reference tables also extend the database to completely new levels. While you store all the information in fields on the receiver profile by default, you can also use reference tables to map receiver-independent data (e.g. your complete product catalog). This information is required, among other things, for retargeting campaigns in order to be able to display suitable product information to the recipient.


Other areas of application for reference tables include information that you do not want to store redundantly with the recipient, but rather manage at a central point. You can also associate postal codes with specific branch areas, etc. In addition, you can use reference tables to integrate your own coupon database so that each coupon code is used only once.

 Contents of reference tables can be used to create mailings
Target group formation via reference tables possible
Receiver-independent data levels possible
Individual coupon code assignment per recipient

Manage data with additional reference tables

Campaign ideas you can realize with the Retargeting Package

  • Cross-selling campaigns
  • Upselling campaigns
  • Items last viewed
  • Abandoned shopping-basket campaigns
  • Next-best offer campaigns
  • Recommendation mailings

Sales growth through retargeting campaigns

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