Retargeting Package for customized content

Retargeting means you pick up your customer’s needs at optimum level, offering him tailor-made contents. Make greater sales through maximum relevance and customer centricity.

Components of Retargeting Package

Behavior TrackingRetargeting Package - maximum customer centricity

With behavior tracking you can fully adapt your e-mails to reflect your visitors’ purchasing and surfing behaviour, and completely without user login!

Through tracking pixels, which you integrate into your website, you will record numerous items of information – from pages called up, to sales figures. These data are allocated automatically via cookies to your recipients and saved on the recipient profile in E-Marketing Manager.

Reference Tables

The data in the reference tables form the basis for your retargeting campaigns.
The retargeting package gives you an opportunity to set up additional tables with non-personally related contents, such as prices, images or links, in E-Marketing Manager. You can use the data in the reference tables both for your mailing creation and for your target-group formation.

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