Central Client Management with EMM

Master-Client ManagementCentral Management of Rights, Roles and Similar Settings for Several Clients

The Central Client Management system enables you to make settings that affect several clients throughout the E-Marketing Manager system. For example, you can define a uniform set of rights and roles for the users associated with your client(s). This feature makes the creation of central database entries or master templates possible, which can be inherited. This allows companies that have a large number of sub-clients to simplify their central management of all of the associated units.


The Most Important Advantages of Central Client Management at a Glance

  • Central management of rights & roles: you can control user authorizations and privileges for users throughout EMM
  • Work more efficiently: reduce the number of work steps and speed up implementation time
  • Reduce source of mistakes: repetitive work steps can cause mistakes
  • Improve supervision: retain control of the big picture for sub-clients settings

Description of the Master-Client Management

Master-Client ManagementCentral System Control

Do you need a system that will work with multiple countries or branch offices? Not a problem. The Master-Client Management system is the best tool for large companies that operate in multiple countries, companies with a lot of branch offices or agencies that need to provide their customers with a high-performance email marketing tool and separate accounts. By using the Master-Client Management system, subordinate users, roles and groups will get the rights and features that they should have. The master client account can create sub-clients and assign special rights to them. At the same time, the master client account has full access rights for the AGNITAS software. Using the master client account, you can make a variety of settings and enter content, such as database entries or templates, which the associated sub-clients can inherit. The master client account can also see the entire structure of the users created for various clients and their access rights.

Any number of users can be created for each client. A user will only have access to the database and the settings for their respective clients. Using a drop-down list, a specific user role with set rights can be assigned to a user quickly and easily. You have the ability to create your users, to manage them and to set their access rights.

Central control of the structures of rights and roles including a list of all existing users
Inheritance of cross-client templates
Central database entries for cross-client definitions of target groups

Schematic Depiction of a Master-Sub-client Relationship:


The central client management system is particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Business Units: separation of email marketing activities of business units
  • Shop System: if each shop conducts their own marketing campaigns
  • Agencies: separation of various customers so that, for example, they can only access their own statistics
  • International Companies: an account can be created for each unit for each country

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