Multi-Client Capability: central administration of various clients

The E-Marketing Manager als centralized system

You search for one system for several countries or subsidiaries? No problem. With the multi-client capability each client and every user gets the suitable rights. The master client can create sub-clients and assign them appropriate rights.

Multi-client capability of the EMM

Example for a master-/sub-client solution in a concern

The master client has comprehensive access rights to AGNITAS software and is, so to speak, the primary account. He himself can set up secondary accounts (sub-clients) and allocate specific rights to them. This feature is particularly suitable for agencies, who in this way can provide their clients with an efficient e-mail marketing tool with separate accounts, or companies which control subsidiaries in their group.

It is possible to define as many users per client as desired. A user always has access to the database and to the settings of the client in question. Using a drop-down menu, users can be allocated rapidly and conveniently to a particular user group, with set rights. You have a facility to set up your users, to manage them, and to determine their access rights.

Possible application

  • Business units: Separation of e-mail marketing activities of different business units
  • Agencies: Separation of different customers, who have e.g. only access to their own statistics
  • International enterprises: Each country subsidiary gets its own account

Benefits of the multi-client capability

  • Strict separation of all master data and process data
  • Flexible creation of additional sub-clients
  • Per client serveral users can be added and allocated with diverse rights
  • The master-client has an overview of all existing clients and their users
  • Optional the master-client can be installed with access rights to all data

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