Whitelisting & Delivery

Delivery Management – We don’t leave successful delivery to chance

Delivery Management: succesful delivery through Whitelisting
The successful delivery of your e-mailings is our central task. We take a wide range of measures to ensure that your e-mail delivery quota is as high as possible. The Whitelisting at all huge providers plays an especially important role.

Whitelisting through CSA membership and ISP relations

AGNITAS has a whitelisting with all relevant freemailers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with the result that a large proportion of e-mails are not first checked for spam, but are placed directly in the Inbox.

Participation in the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), the central whitelist for e-mail senders, additionally ensures delivery with those providers who participate. Should mailings be accidentally classed as spam (false positives) we have direct contact persons at the providers and freemailers in order to quickly remedy problems.

AGNITAS has an excellent reputation as a serious sender because of its efforts to combat spam and its commitment to ensure correct delivery. This improves the AGNITAS negotiating position with respect to providers and can prevent inclusion in blacklists. As a member of the German Direct Marketing Association (Deutschen Direktmarketing Verband – DDV), AGNITAS actively participated in setting up the Code of Ethics for e-mail marketing and was the first company in the industry to sign it. AGNITAS has been an active participant in the development of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) from DDV and also eco.

You can find out more about membership and the Seal of Quality here.

Memberships to encrease deliverability

Extensive range of technical measures

AGNITAS achieves correct delivery by means of a wide range of (technical) optimization measures. This avoids a irregular classification as Spam (False Positives).

For the sending of e-mails, the requirements of the various providers are taken into account, for example the required sending speed. Individual bounce management per provider ensures a minimal bounce rate, this often being a spam criterion. The direct cooperation with providers, for example in the processing of complaints, leads to lower complaint rates. Further technical measures:

  • Technical optimizations as anti-spam measuresReverse DNS
  • X-CSA-Complaints
  • Whois-Entry
  • RFC-conform generated mails
  • List-Unsubscribe
  • Active monitoring of over 70 real time blacklists
  • Registering of hardbounces and suppression of follow-up sendings
  • Softbounce-Scoring
  • Sending using proven „Sendmail“ software
  • Feedback-Loops with Mail Providers
  • DKIM-authentication

Optimization before sending

Beside of technical measures the content of your mailings has a great effect to avoid successfully spam filters. You can check your newsletter or e-mailing before sending.

  • Pre Delivery Check: An automatic analysis shows weaknesses in the newsletter that could lead to classification as spam. This permits the newsletter to be optimized before sending.
  • Inbox Preview: The Inbox Preview allows mailings utilizing the largest German providers such as Web.de, GMX or Hotmail to be checked in advance. A check is also made as to how the mailing is displayed with the various suppliers and tools. The Inbox Preview also offers the opportunity of checking the mailing from the aesthetic perspective before it is finally sent.

Controlling after delivery

Post Delivery Check monitors success: Detailed monthly reporting shows actual deliveries for the leading freemailers and Internet service providers. From this you can find out where increased cooperation with providers would make sense.

Post Delivery Check monitors success

Post Delivery Check monitors success

More than 15 years experience in e-mail sending and delivery make Delivery Management to a closed loop with AGNITAS!

Whitelisting is a closed loop with AGNITAS