EMM (Inhouse)

Advantages of EMM (Inhouse):

EMM Inhouse

  • Prize-winning e-mail marketing software
  • License – buy once, use permanently
  • No need to pass addresses on to third parties
  • Easy integration into your IT infrastructure
  • Predefined mailing templates
  • Predefined process for subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Scalability due to module architecture – your own Private Cloud
  • Support of MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle databases
  • Runs with numerous Linux versions, no Windows licenses required

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AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager as an license solution

When the security of your data has the highest priority and you want to keep it in-house, use AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM) as a license solution.

We offer EMM (Inhouse) with three different database systems – MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle.

Here you can get an overview of all EMM features: Scope of EMM functions

If desired, our Support team of course also supports the on-premise solution, including support for whitelisting (mailserver sharing).

Prices and Variants

Professional e-mail marketing with a high degree of data security doesn’t have to cost the earth – as amply demonstrated by our Inhouse solutions!

EMM (Inhouse)

EMM (Inhouse) concern license

EMM Inhouse includes all of the standard features* available in the Inhouse solution (see overview of features).**

An unlimited number of users are included per account.
Multiple accounts can be combined with one another.

The concern license includes all of the standard features* available in the Inhouse solution (see overview of features).**

With the concern license you can get up to 15 accounts with an unlimited number of users. If you need more accounts, packages with each five accounts are available for an extra charge.

first account available from 6,500 €
for each additional account 1,950€

19,500 €

* Premium features can be additionally booked as desired.
** Installation and configuration of the software, as well as the maintenance of the hardware, is carried out by your IT operation.

Optional additional packages


Installation service:

Installation of E-Marketing Manager (EMM) with all required additional components (operating system, Java, database management system, Tomcat)

Maintenance contracts:

Update package – regular updates/upgrades per year to the current newest version;
Cancellation period four weeks (does not apply to OpenEMM)


Application support – support for all EMM application questions (by telephone and by e-mail). The package contains two hours of support per month. Duration 3 months, cancellation period 4 weeks, quota cannot be transferred


User training – introduction to operation of latest version of EMM on-site or by webinar depending on time needed.

Admin training – in this user training, our administrators instruct you in technical procedures and details and introduce you to EMM on-site administration.

Hosting and operation of dedicated mail server

If desired, we operate for you a dedicated mail server for e-mail dispatch and whitelisting. The ready for use configured hardware will be hosted in the highend data center of AGNITAS and for exclusive use by your business. Simultaneously you profit of the good reputation of AGNITAS, that your mails won't be inspected for spam, but will be delivered directly into the mailbox.

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