EMM Inhouse – Software Licence

EMM Inhouse (software license)Get control of everything with an "on premise software solution" that puts everything in your hands

The licensed version of E-Marketing Manager provides you with the most control of your data and processes. EMM Inhouse is a software license for use as a private cloud and is particularly well-suited for anyone who does not want to, or is not allowed to, outsource their data, but still wants to do e-mail marketing and marketing automation on a professional level. There are many more arguments for our award-winning on premise software solution.


Advantages of a software licenseThere are many good reasons to take advantage of a software license by using EMM Inhouse!

  • Buy EMM software license once and use it forever
  • Runs on a wide range of Linux versions, co commercial license required
  • Flexible implementation: support for MariaDB and Oracle database software
  • Maximum control over your data and access to it, because you determine the location
  • Deep integration into your IT infrastructure
  • Direct database access to raw data possible
  • Individual level of protection: You determine the security and protection measures yourself
  • Maximum availability: All components can be designed redundantly for fail-safe operation
  • Scale to any size: Adjust the number of servers to your performance needs
  • Set API quotas according to your requirements
  • GDPR compliance due to numerous EMM features (anonymous tracking, deletion routines, information reports, etc.)
  • Undivided sender reputation through exclusive mail servers
  • White label option allows you to use your own logo and your brand color in the user interface
  • Hybrid solution for sending via white-listed mail servers on request

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager as an inhouse solutionOn premise software provides unlimited ownership!

When the highest priority is the security of your data and you do not want to, or cannot, outsource the data, using EMM Inhouse (the Email Marketing Software as a license) will be the best solution. By using the on premise solution, you keep absolute control of who can access your data. In addition, you will have an unlimited software license without any ongoing usage fees. The Inhouse solution also includes transmission using white-listed servers. We offer a hybrid solution for this case. This means that your EMM instance generates the mailing data for production and we will send the e-mails using white-listed AGNITAS servers.

Because you will host and maintain the EMM Inhouse system yourself, you can integrate it into your infrastructure at any level you want. EMM Inhouse can be flexibly adjusted to your individual needs both in terms of technical requirements as well as in scaling the system. For example, you can expand the infrastructure at any time as your database grows or as you need more performance. We provide EMM Inhouse with three different database systems: MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle. In addition, the entire system is operated on a Linux operating system and no commercial software licenses are needed at all.

Numerous features of EMM ensure your compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, such as optional anonymous instead of personal tracking, cleanup routines that delete legacy data after defined periods of time, or automated reports for requests for information.

EMM Inhouse is a digital push marketing suite that can send messages through email, web push systems, text messaging and fax. You will find all of the features of EMM Inhouse here at a glance: scope of EMM features.

All components of EMM can be designed redundantly to ensure good scalability and high reliability. Thanks to the self-determined scope of the available hardware resources, you can also freely define the quotas for interfaces such as SOAP web services or the RESTful API.

Upon request, we will, of course, provide our reliable support for the on-the-premises version of EMM and white-listed servers (dedicated mail server, see below).


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Prices and variants of the in-house solutionProfessional e-mail marketing and high data security do not cost the world, as proven by our licensing solutions!


In the software license variant you have the maximum control over your data. An address transfer to third parties is not required.

Buy software license once, use it permanently.

Regular updates and thus new features are available through the maintenance contract.

Unlimited useful life, no usage fees for sending mailing

Contemporary, responsive user interface.

Price by configuration*


In the open source variant you have the maximum control over your data. An address transfer to third parties is not required.

In the open source version you use a clearly limited range of functions of the e-marketing manager at zero tariff.

You completely undertake the installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of the software yourself.

Unlimited service life, no cost of use

Contemporary, responsive user interface.

for 0 € .

* An unlimited number of users is included per client. Multiple clients can be combined with each other. The corporate license includes 15 clients with any number of users desired. For an additional price, packages with an additional 5 clients can be added at any time.

Your IT department can install and configure the software and maintain the hardware.

You can also view the differences in the features of EMM Inhouse and OpenEMM here. If you are still uncertain whether a software license or the software-as-a-service option will meet your needs better, get more information about EMM SaaS here.

Optional additional packages for the EMM Inhouse

Installation service

Installation of E-Marketing Manager (EMM) with all required additional components (operating system, Java, database management system, Tomcat)

Maintenance and update contracts

Update package – regular updates/upgrades per year to the current newest version;
Cancellation period four weeks (does not apply to OpenEMM)

Support package

Application support – support for all EMM application questions (by telephone and by e-mail). The package contains two hours of support per month. Duration 3 months, cancellation period 4 weeks, quota cannot be transferred


User training – introduction to operation of latest version of EMM on-site or by web training depending on time needed.

Admin training – in this user training, our administrators instruct you in technical procedures and details and introduce you to EMM on-site administration.

Hosting and operation of dedicated mail server

If desired, we operate for you a dedicated mail server for e-mail dispatch and whitelisting. The ready for use configured hardware will be hosted in the highend data center of AGNITAS and for exclusive use by your business. Simultaneously you profit of the good reputation of AGNITAS, that your mails won’t be inspected for spam, but will be delivered directly into the mailbox. You can choose between 3 service levels.

Private Cloud

You may go even a step further with your own Private Cloud: In this case we will set up your own exclusive instance of EMM Inhouse and host and operate the entire hardware and software for you. This means EMM is available to you like a cloud service, but you do not have to share this cloud with any other party.

Private Cloud with Mailserver Sharing

In case you still need additional capacity for sending mails despite your own private cloud, there is also the option of accessing the white-listed AGNITAS mail servers for peak loads. In this case, you use the so-called mail server sharing. Read more about EMM Private Cloud.

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