Functional Scope of EMM

Zusatzinhalte zum E-Mail-Marketing-Manager

What features does the E-Marketing Manager have?

Here you can compare all features of the different E-Marketing Manager (EMM) product variants at a glance. Have a look and find out which variant fits best to your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you choosing the right variant of the E-Marketing Manager.

Software as a Service
Software as a Service

EMM SaaS is a web-based e-mail marketing software solution. In this Software-as-a-Service solution, you profit from the high quality and security standards in accordance to ISO 27001 of AGNITAS. You do not have to take care of the hardware or the database, we carry out operation and administration in a high-end data center in Munich.

EMM Xpress
Software SaaS Flatrate
EMM Xpress

With eMM-Xpress you get the e-mail marketing all-inclusive flat rate from 99 € a month. The flat rate solution gives you maximum cost transparency with unlimited sending volumes of up to a maximum of 200,000 recipient profiles. No purchasing, setup or maintenance of the hardware and software is necessary, we carry out operation and administration in the data center in Munich.

EMM Inhouse (on demand)
Software License
EMM Inhouse

With the EMM Inhouse, you purchase a license for the e-marketing manager: one time acquistion cost, permanent use. The safety of your data is entirely in your own hands, no address transfer to third parties, is needed. You use your own IT infrastrucutre. If requested, we will support you with installation, maintenance and whitelisting.

Open Source Software
Open Source Software

OpenEMM is the free Open Source E-Marketing Manager solution. It utilizes the certified Open Source license “Common Public Attribution License (CPAL)”. OpenEMM is continuously developed further and improved by the Open Source Community. Free tips on installation, configuration and operation of OpenEMM can be found at the OpenEMM here.

Functional scope of EMM Product Variants

EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
(Online-) access via web browser
Multi-language user interface
(e.g. GER, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL, PL)
Responsive user interface
Whitelabel-Capability *
Calendar with reminder and comments function
Individual user rights & role administration (GDPR-compliant)
Tooltips & help ballons
Context-sensitive Online Help and in-depth manual (PDF)
Countdown for session timeout
News center with new EMM features and changes
User-specific views configurable

* optional features for an extra charge

EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Registration procedure: Confirmed opt-in, double opt-in
Forms for user self-administration:
subscribe, unsubscribe, change data
Individual web forms and landing pages incl. drag & drop editor
Bounce management
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Database for storing of recipient profileOracle, MariaDBOracle, MariaDBOracle, MariaDBMariaDB
Create and delete database fields, bulk-updates of content
without bulk update
Create, change or delete recipients (manually or automatically)
Search for recipients throughout all database fields
Automated profile enrichment
Latest reactions (date of latest opening, latest click)
Recipient status history: Changes of permissions
Contact history: Response to all received mailings (Part of the Automation Package) *
Retargeting history: Behavior tracking data of the homepage (Part of the Retargeting Package) *
Device history: Reactions per device
Insights: Recipient based analysis
Individual profile enrichment
Import & export of data through CSV (Zip files possible) - also automated (look at Data Management) *

Creation of target groups on the basis of recipient reactions (opened, clicked, purchased, etc.) per drag & drop
without bought
Creation of target groups based on the used end devices and e-mail clients
EQL-editor for creation of complex target groups
Statistical evaluations according to target groups
Realtime calculation of the target group size in one mailing or the target group
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Types: normal mailings, transaction mailings, followup mailings, triggermails (action- and date based mailings), interval-based mailing
no interval and followup mailings

no interval and followup mailings
Template technology: Creating mailings based on building blocks
Predefined responsive templates
Predefined HTML Editor with syntax highlighting and syntax checks
WYSIWYG editor
E-Mail Creator: Choice of different templates for easy mail creation by drag and drop (inclusive a choice of different templates)
International character setsonly UTF-8 and ISO8859
Personalization / Individualization by means of placeholder types (AgnTags)
Individual and precast forms of salutation
Barcode generator
Voucher management (part of the retargeting package)*
Real time content
Link extension to tracking parameters
(e.g. for tracking with intelliAd and more)
Copying mailings as templates
Export mailings and import them to other clients
Comprehensive search and filter functions
Target group-driven content
Automated insert of external content (e.g. via RSS, XML, etc.)
Sending of file attachments and personalized PDFs (digital invoice dispatch)
without personalization

without personalization
Mediapool as central image administration
Editor for images in mailings
Archive function for categorising mailings
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Email transmission formats: Text, HTML, Inline HTML
Auto-optimization (based on openings, clicks, revenue)
A / B testing with the aid of list split functionality
Integrated preview function for any desired recipient, various devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) with activatable image display
Test transmission to predefined distribution list and individual people
Optional delayed sending
Selection of maximum sending volume
Duplicate check
WebView for mailings
Online newsletter archive for recipients
Response filter for e-mail returns with forwarding function
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Campaign Manager
- Planning, driving and monitoring of complex e-mail campaigns
- Example campaigns as templates (A-/B-Test, Double-Opt-in, Birthday) as templates
- Test runs with shortend waiting times
- Trigger management for controlling mailings and profile enrichment
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Statistical real time evaluation with graphical representation

Evaluation across all recipients and individual target groups
Evaluation of absolute and proportional values
Evaluation of freely definable periods
Evaluation by device type (PC, Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet) for openings, clicks and revenue
Device overview of a single mailing and the whole mailing list (based on the response data of the last 90 days)
Various statistics for a recipient (e.g.: Insights, Contact-History, Device-History, Retargeting-History, etc.)
More than 30 indicators (e.g.: Openings, clicks, delivered e-mails, sent e-mails, bounces, unsubscribers, etc.)
excl. revenue

excl. revenue
Top domain statistics for each mailing and the entire mailing list
Click statistics for each link
Clicks, openings and deliveries over a certain period
Shares in social networks
Bounces (soft and hardbounces)
Revenue statistics including the conversion rate
Benchmark comparison: Anonymous comparison with other EMM customers
in the same industry with regard to opening rates, click rates, unsubscribe and
bounce rates
surcharge, only
possible with
Oracle DB
Mailing comparison
Evaluation of the recipients based on
• Status
• Mailingtype
• Domains
Statistics exportable as CSV
Individual reports as CSV or PDF: Mailing comparison, mailing statistic,
recipient statistic
Behavior tracking based on mailings (evaluation of key figures of website and
webshop; part of Retargeting Package)*
Marketing Intelligence Analyzer (MIA): KPIs and forecast indicators about the
development of your mailing lists; monthly updates
Customer Insights for the entire mailinglist: behavior based recipient scoring,
recipient classification into customer clusters, retargeting KPIs, etc.
EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Encrypted e-mail dispatch
Upload area for protected data exchange
Password protection
Encrypted data transmission
Login block
Release function **
Activity log
Automatically link encryption
2-way authentication
Logging of every import & export
Access control of the data centers and access protection for servers according to ISOs standardsInternal protection measures of the customerInternal protection measures of the customer

** activation at request by account setup

EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Tracking veto set by the recipient:
• Registration form with integrated request for tracking approval
• Tracking veto activatable any time via e-mail footer
• Recipient profile will be tagged once the recipient activates the tracking veto
(usable for target groups)
• Separated collection and statistics for anonymised openings and clicks in
case of tracking veto
• Separated campaign management for recipients with the tracking veto for
decisions based on response data
• Option to exclude people with tracking veto from follow up mailings
• Differentiation in anonymisation between adverting mails and service /
transactions mails due to burden of proof
• Option to subsequently clearing response data in case of a tracking veto

Optional: general tracking veto for client
Information report in machine-readable form (TXT-format)
bcc-address for a legal activation of double opt-in mailings and service /
transactions mailings
Export of the user activity log (= information report of a user’s activities in the
Extension of the user rights systems in order to enable the (new) GDPR
compliant sub-client solution which has only access to certain personalised
Individual and temporary access rights for the AGNITAS-SupportBasically no access possibilities

* Optional extra services for additional charge

** Optional extra services for additional charge

EMM SaaSeMM-XpressEMM InhouseOpenEMM
Automation Package:
- Contact history: Overview of all mailings sent to a recipient
- Followup mailings
- Campaign Manager extended: No-paths for decisions (e.g. mailing received, but not opened), Profile field history
- Recipient lists for single mailings with opening and click rates
- Extended top domain statistic
- Extended target group filter: Revenue in mailing, link click
Automation Plus extended delivery information
- Extended contact history (detailed delivery information)
Automation Plus profile field historization
- Historization of selected profile fields (5 freely selectable profile fields)
- Advanced campaign manager

Retargeting Package:
- Behavior Tracking: Captures recipient behavior on the website
- Reference tables: Storage of individual data, e.g. product catalogues or vouchers
- Extended Customer Insights
Layout Package:
- Layout Builder: Editor for creating and customizing your own E-Mail Creator templates
- Inbox Preview: E-Mail preview on different desktop, web, mobile and spam clients to check the layout
Analytics Package:
- Marketing Intelligence Analyzer (MIA) Premium: Additional key figures and forecast values, daily update
- Pre Delivery Check
- Post Delivery Check
- Data quality report

without data
quality report
and post
delivery check
Delivery Package:
- Send Time Optimization: Automated dispatch time optimization for every single recipient
- Advanced Hardbounce Validation: Automated validation and reactivation of hard bounces
- Mailing Cockpit: Prioritization and controlling of mailings which are sent to one recipient per day
Cross Media:
Dispatch of Web Push Notifications
Dispatch of print mailings
Recipient generation via Facebook Lead Ads (EMM standard interface)
Dispatch of SMS
Dispatch of fax messages
Data Management:
Auto-Import, Auto-Export (hourly updates possible):
- Import of recipient data as well as reference tables
- Export of recipient, mailing and response data

Interfaces: Data Agent, Webservices, RESTful, Google Data Studio, Facebook
and Instagram Lead Ads, Shared Data, AGNITAS Data Warehouse,
individual developments

without bulk
web services
Content Hub: Automatically gather and process content of external sources
Multi-client capability

Premium Features for an additional charge, not included in standard version

Feature comparison of EMM SaaS and EMM Inhouse as PDF:

Upon request, we also develop individual features according to your requirements.