Brand new: Web Push Notifications

The new marketing channel for your advertising messageWeb Push Notificationss

Provide your customers with up-to-date news in their browser while they surf!

The Web Push Service from AGNITAS lets you reach consumers directly while they surf the Web via an overlay window. When a prospect or customer registers for the notification service on your site, they will receive your short messages via their browser directly while surfing. The browser only needs to be open in the background, no matter what website they are currently using. No additional application like an app or email client is required. You easily manage and control the web push notifications in the E-Marketing Manager.

Your benefits: 0% Adblocker, 100% attention

Your message will be seen:Push Notifications
There is no Adblocker for web push notifications

Reach your customers easily:
No additional application required

Advertising messages at the right time:
You can reach your customers directly while they surf the Web

Communicate quickly, react actively:
You can set time-limits for the information

PC or smartphone, it doesn’t matter:
Your message appears on desktops and mobile devices

Personalization and customization:
Link the opt-in for push notifications and the newsletter to personalize the process.

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Structure of a web push notification: Short, concise and effective

The short messages get the full attention of your customers. The structure of a web push notification is straightforward:

  • Headline: Heading for your message
  • Text: Your (promotional) message (not too long, because the browser may not show everything).
  • Image: Your message can include a small image (icon or logo). An image link is inserted.
  • Link: Link to a landing page for your push notification

Realization: Implementation→ authorization → delivery

Implementation: Integrate the news service into your desired website and design a layout for the authorization query.

Opt-in Web PushAuthorization: The layer will appear when your visitors come to the website (see image on the right). If the website visitor confirms the permission request for the delivery of your push notifications, you have a valid opt-in for delivery. The opt-in request, which is integrated into the browser, and the chance to opt out at any time are the foundations of permission marketing.

Delivery: Easily manage the complete planning, control and evaluation process for push notifications via the E-Marketing Manager.

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are displayed as an overlay. The browser displays all current web push notifications since the last use.

Analysis: Metrics for measuring success

You can determine the following metrics for the web push notifications (WPNs):

  • Number of opt-ins
  • Number of delivered WPNs
  • Number of undeliverable WPNs or bounces
  • Number of displayed WPNs
  • Number of clicked WPNs
  • Number of opt-outs

Browser support: Available in all standard browsers

The most up-to-date versions of the following browsers support the delivery of web push notifications*:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge (as of version 14)
  • Apple Safari

* The web push interface is not yet fully standardized. However, AGNITAS will ensure EMM takes all changes into account up until the finalization.

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