Dedicated mail servers for optimal delivery

Dedicated mail servers of AGNITASEverything under own control in delivery and reputation

With the dedicated mail servers of AGNITAS you have the best possible starting position for a way into the inbox of your newsletter recipients. The mail servers are used exclusively by you and are completely protected from unfavorable third-party factors influencing reputation. Dedicated mail servers optimize your delivery success.

We take care of everything – from procurement to hosting. AGNITAS’ impeccable reputation means you also benefit from the CSA Certified IP List and thus advantageous treatment by spam filters.

The main advantages of dedicated mail servers

  • Increased delivery rate: Protection of your own reputation from external influences
  • No effort: Procurement, configuration, operation and hosting of the hardware by AGNITAS
  • Fail-safe: Operation in high-end data center for maximum accessibility and protection against third-party access
  • Advantageous treatment by spam filters: AGNITAS ensures inclusion in the CSA Certified IP List

The different levels of dedicated servers

From level 1, you benefit from all the advantages of dedicated mail servers. The further levels increase delivery success and convenience.
We recommend at least two servers for better performance and additional reliability through technical redundancy.

Level 1Standard package

Level 1 is the basic offer for dedicated mail servers. It includes provisioning, administration and monitoring of the servers, as well as several protective measures.

Level 2Top 10 - Monitoring & Reporting

Level 2 includes all standard services and supplements them. Automatic reports quickly alert you to anomalies and problems so that you can take appropriate countermeasures.

Level 3The all-round carefree package

Level 3 offers the maximum service and includes all the services of the previous packages. You do not need to become active yourself, AGNITAS follows up on anomalies and problems.

Includes the following services:

  • Hosting and operation of the mail servers
  • Administration of hardware and software
  • Daily backup of mail files and the entire operating system
  • Automated monitoring of server services (e.g. Mail Transfer Agent)
  • Delivery-optimizing configuration of the bounce management ruleset (more in separate factsheet)
    • Continuous maintenance of the rules for handling status feedback (e.g. bounce codes) from receiving mail servers
    • (recipients are unsubscribed in the EMM if they click on spam in the mailbox)
  • Inclusion of servers in Certified IP List at CSA, Signal Spam and Telekom
  • Monitoring of approx. 100 blocklists for server entries and, if necessary, delisting requests for affected servers

Includes the following services:

  • All services of Level 1
  • Daily email reports with key figures for hard and soft bounces as well as acceptance confirmations in relation to the quantity sent
    • For the top 10 mailbox providers of your recipients based on the top level domain, e.g. “.de”: AON, AOL, Bluewin, Freenet, GMail, GMX, Hotmail, T-Online,, Yahoo
    • In machine-readable CSV format, e.g. for further processing in other systems
  • Definition of threshold values for the 3 key figures, from which an alarm mail is sent to you
  • Extended delivery information in the contact history of your recipients for checking bounce causes

Includes the following services:

  • All services of level 1 and 2
  • Proactive monitoring of the e-mails to the top 10 mailbox providers with regard to the quotas for hard & soft bounces as well as acceptance confirmations in relation to the dispatch volume by AGNITAS
  • Root cause analysis in case of extraordinary deviations and communication with the respective mailbox provider by AGNITAS

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Supporting features in EMM - independent of the mail server

In addition, the EMM offers you various analyses and statistics with which you can track bounce development and causes yourself:

  • Bounce statistics at the mailing (hard & soft bounces) with analysis of bounce reasons
  • Top domain evaluation also for bounces at the mailing
  • Automatic report with evaluation of top bounce domains as PDF and CSV

Unterstützende Features im EMM zur Zustelloptimierung, z.B. Bounce-Statistik

Hosting im Highend-Rechenzentrum

Of course, all dedicated servers are located in a high-end data center, which takes numerous precautions to ensure accessibility and fail-safety as well as to protect the servers from external access.

We offer this service for the products EMM SaaS, EMM Inhouse*, EMM Private Cloud and EMM Xpress

* With EMM Inhouse, the bounce management rules are updated with each software update.

Dedizierte Mailserver in einem Highend-Rechenzentrum optimieren den Zustellerfolg in die E-Mail-Inbox

Data center details

  • ≥ 99.999 % p. a. availability for power supply
  • AlwaysOn technology for redundant UPS supply of A- and B-feed.
  • Emergency power via emergency power system with fuel supply for at least 72 hours at full load
  • Fuel tanks that can be refilled during operation (refueling before reaching the minimum fill level secured by 24/7 supply contract)
  • 100 % use of renewable energy
  • ≥ 99.999 % p. a. availability for air conditioning
  • Separation of cold and warm areas by warm aisle containment and warm air separation via double ceiling
  • Area-wide fire alarm system and early fire detection with direct connection to the local fire department
  • Zone-specific extinguishing by means of nitrogen inerting (N2) and subsequent oxygen reduction for an unlimited period of time
  • Use of non-combustible or only flame-retardant materials
  • Structural measures according to fire resistance class F90
  • Video surveillance with archiving
  • 24/7 security service on site
  • Biometric access control with 24/7 access via transponder card
  • Room-in-room concept separates IT areas from outside walls
  • Perimeter protection with security fence and separation locks
  • Rack monitoring with powerful monitoring systems
  • Separate cages within the data center with their own security, access and intrusion detection system available
  • ISO/IEC 27001: Information security management system
  • ISO 27001: Certification on the basis of IT-Grundschutz
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1: Servicemanagementsystem
  • ISO 9001: Quality management system
  • EN 50600: Construction and operation of secure data centers
  • VdS 3406: Object-specific security management system
  • PCI DSS: ayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • ISAE 3402 Typ II: Internal control system based on COBIT 5

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All information about the different levels and our data center can also be found in our factsheet.

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