Automation Package for complex campaigns

Through the Automation Package you could work even more flexible with the E-Marketing Manager arbeiten. Complex campaigns becomes child’s play.

Components of the Automation Package

Mailing history

Automation Package - your customer in focusThe mailing history enables you to see at a glance who has received which mailing.
It also shows whether a mailing could be delivered and how often a recipient has opened and clicked. This feature is base for all following components of the Automation Package.

  • Rapid overview of important key data for each individual recipient:
    dispatch date, mailing, delivery date, number of openings, number of clicks
  • Response analysis of individual recipients
  • Formation of target groups, using mailings already sent
  • Verification function in case of legal questions.

Followup mailings

Recipients who have shown particular behavior in response to a previous mailing can be contacted again in the followup mailing. In this way you can send followup mailings for responses such as “not opened”, “not clicked” or “not purchased” and raise the success of your campaign.

Extended Top Domain Statistic

With the extended Top Domain Statistic you can see in addition to which domains your mailings have been delivered. On that basis you can decide, how much effort you should invest in optimizing the presentation of your newsletters for the single domains.

Campaign Manager extendedComplex campaigns with the Automation Package

In addition to the standard functions of Campaign Manager, you will also be able to incorporate negative decisions into your campaigns, e.g. customers who have not redeemed a voucher. You can also integrate followup mailings in your campaigns. For retargeting campaigns, in particular, these additional facilities offer considerable added value.

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