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E-Mail Software für Verlage und Medien

E-mail & marketing automation for special requirementsWe understand the special needs of publishers and the media - and have the right solutions.

E-Mail Marketing spielt eine wichtige Rolle für Verlage und Medien

Digital transformation plays an important role especially for publishers and the media. In our fast-moving information society, news are not only expected in real time, but are also consumed with a free mentality that has presented many media with great challenges. New business models and survival strategies had to be developed, such as dynamic ad placements and paywall systems. But also the content had to be produced faster, better and cheaper to survive in this harsh environment.

We have made it our task to specifically address the needs of publishers and the media. This is partly due to our own history: Our founder as well as numerous employees from the very beginning originally come from the publishing world. That’s why we still feel very committed to the needs of this particular industry. Our software solution is designed so that you can reliably deliver your news to your subscribers in real time. With Preference Center, your readers can decide for themselves what content they want to receive. Through targeted media marketing, you can easily integrate ads into your newsletters. And with our solutions, you can easily protect paid content and make it accessible.

The cloud version of AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager is the ideal starting point. Combine the EMM SaaS with the Content Hub to use optimal marketing automation software for publishers. But there are even more offers for publishers and media: With e-abo manager you have a complete subscription management software – also for offline products – including CRM system at hand. Even unusual requirements such as paywalls, personalized landing pages, event management and much more can be realized here.

Advantages of our software for publishers and mediaThere are many reasons why you should rely on our solutions in the publishing sector

  • Higher delivery rates due to Whitelisting
  • Seamless integration enables content creation in a single tool
  • Additional source of income through ad management and control
  • Maximal Customizing via Preference Center und Dynamic Content
  • Real-time delivery of Breaking News
  • Various channels for more customer proximity
  • Numerous statistics and analyses for success control
  • Transparent interest profiles through data enrichment and onsite behavior tracking
  • Separate sub-clients possible for own divisions and branches
  • Webmaster function for permission management by call center
  • Subscription management, paywall, event management in one tool

Extract from our references

The most important features at a glanceThese functions are particularly important for media houses

Due to Facebook’s decision not to open WhatsApp for mass mailing, many publishers are again faced with the question – how do I get the info to the reader? Our Digital Push Marketing Suite provides you with various channels for this purpose. First and foremost is still e-mail, which is hard to beat in terms of information content and flexibility. But Web Push and SMS are also suitable channels for short messages. The EMM SaaS therefore offers you:

Sending of…

Individualised and personalised e-mails, etc.

Ad hoc mailings on breaking news

Automated service and transaction mails

Regular interval mailings, e.g. for invoices

Date-controlled mails, e.g. for birthdays, deadlines

Messages to individuals, target audiences or everyone

Web push messages for important text messages

Paid content in the form of whitepapers, magazines, eBooks…

Other important features:

CRM functionality for target group creation & data enrichment

Various statistics and analysis functions for success measurement

Interest Profiles through Onsite Behavior Tracking

Campaign manager for automated mail flows

Preference Center for Customized Content Selection

Flexible interfaces for content exchange with the CMS

Master/sub-clients for separate databases

Whitelisting for increased delivery security

Ad Banner Management for Ad Placement

Webmaster-Tool für Callcenter zur Permission-Verwaltung

Subscription management for any products

Event management, paywall, personalized landing pages

Your editors do not have to leave their familiar environment to create content. External content sources are docked to our software via interfaces and processed in a rule-based manner. This way not only automated content can be processed, but also manual content creation and ad-hoc dispatch of urgent messages are of course possible. Via Preference Center, Behavior Tracking, CRM functionality and target group management, you ensure that your recipients receive relevant content and your news has a high reach. This naturally also increases the demand for your media services, which you can conveniently manage with the EMM. In addition, your call center can quickly and easily access subscription data without having to log into a complex newsletter tool.


You get these and many other functions through the perfect interaction of the three solutions:

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Fields of application

As a publisher or media house, there are numerous occasions and possibilities for you to use our software solutions. Some of them are obvious, but some may also be surprising for you. Let us inspire you.

Newsletter with interest-based content

The classic application of email marketing software for publishers and the media is, of course, the sending of newsletters. Since the trend is more leaning towards relevance, the one-fits-all principle is being abandoned and more and more individual content is being developed for newsletters. Some of our customers work with so-called preference centers. This means that the recipient can choose from various topics and resorts, e.g. politics, cars and local events, when registering, and thus receive a newsletter that is completely tailored to him or her.

Verlage setzen auf Newsletter mit interessenbasierten Inhalten für mehr Response

Publishers rely on newsletters with interest-based content for more response. In order to provide largely scaledindividualization, you require automation. After all, you cannot employ editors who create and send a separate newsletter for each recipient. Especially since the dispatch intervals are often very short. The AGNITAS Content Hub was developed for this requirement. With the Content Hub, you have an interface at your hands that retrieves the data from your original editorial system and processes it according to a predefined set of rules and then generates individual mailings from it. In the rules you can define what to do if there are no or too many messages for a certain area, when and how often newsletters should be sent and you can assign content to certain types of articles with different designs. In addition, further interest profiles can be enriched from the click behaviour of your recipients or on the basis of the user behaviour on your website, which can be taken into account while creating content.

Once the process has been defined and set up, everything runs automatically. Despite all the automation, there is still scope for targeted information. If required, you can create an area that applies to all recipients and contains, for example, the editorial. There is also an option for breaking news and sensation. So you can always intervene manually if the situation requires it. And at the same time, your editors do not have to deal with another tool, but remain in their familiar environment. (Of course, you can also use the EMM to create your newsletter.)


👉 Interest based individual mailings for more relevance

👉 Editors work with a familiar system

👉 You avoid redundancies when creating content

👉 Flexible set of rules allows maximum design freedom

Marketing of print and subscription products

Ankündigung und Vermarktung von Printprodukten und Zeitschriften für MedienhäuserOf course it is legitimate for you as a publisher to advertise on your own behalf. Another area of application for an e-mail marketing solution is therefore the marketing of various print or subscription products, but also one-off purchases are included here. Advertise your paid newspapers, magazines, books, whitepapers, events or video content to your target audience. Using the EMM, you can create target groups of any size for which the offer could be relevant. Of course, you can also consider the interest profiles that you already have for the recipient. If you have integrated Behavior Tracking into your website, this data is also available for selections.

The EMM provides you with various responsive standard templates for the mailings. Of course, we can also implement a template completely designed to your specifications – or if you have the resources in-house, you are completely free to implement them here.

👉 Any number of granular target groups

👉 Responsive Default-Templates

👉 Implementation of individual templates

Advertisement marketing in newsletters

Media-Vermarktung mit Ad Banner ManagementYou’re probably not a charity. You also want to generate sales with the content you produce. As the willingness to pay for digital content is lower than for print editions, advertising space is usually marketed within the newsletter.

The Content Hub is also the suitable interface for this application. Here you can dock an ad server, which we can provide on request, and occupy various advertising spaces within your mailing with banners and content. You can use runtimes to define which banner is to when be displayed and can thus fill the ad spaces in advance.

But your advertising partners would also like to know whether your medium is the right channel. Comprehensive statistics and analysis functions support you in reporting.

Tip: We have introduced the seal “Verified Sender by AGNITAS” for media marketing. In this way, as a neutral partner, we can confirm conditions and key figures – of course only with your approval and consultation.

👉 Marketing of various advertising spaces

👉 Banner management and scheduling

👉 Survey of key performance indicators

Newsletter with dynamic content

Maybe you can’t imagine it immediately, but dynamic content can also enhance your newsletters and make them more relevant. For example, you can integrate customized content in the form of weather, horoscopes, etc. into your mailings. You can also make your newsletters more dynamic by using countdowns, news tickers or areas that are designed differently depending on the time of day.

Reference tables are used in the background, which you can automatically fill with new content. You can integrate this content into newsletters in the form of image files. Whenever a recipient opens his newsletter, the current content from the reference table is displayed. The use of Dynamic Content is particularly suitable for content with a time limit or high actuality, such as stock or currency prices.

👉 More topicality for more relevance

👉 Subsequent influencing of content

Paywall for paid content

Also in the digital area it is possible to earn money with content. With the help of a so-called paywall you can protect content from being called up and only make it available for a fee. It does not matter whether you have embedded the content in your website and want to display it there or want to make it available by e-mail after registration.

The e-abo manager paywall protects your valuable ideas from unauthorized access. At the same time, you can have the corresponding amounts collected or billed. In this way, you can offer texts, pictures or videos against payment.

👉 Marketing of chargeable content

👉 Integrated payment and invoice management

Interval mailings for invoice dispatch and subscription extension

If you offer paid subscription products, such as newspapers, magazines or magazines, then of course you must also send monthly invoices. With the EMM, you have the possibility to send an invoice to the recipients concerned at specified intervals, e.g. every first of the month. You can also have a personalized PDF generated directly in the EMM. With the EMM you can also remind of the subscription extension or use other data for dispatch. The advantage of sending with the EMM is that your mailings are sent via white-listed servers. In addition, the EMM provides you with extensive statistics with which you can track delivery and opening.

👉 Dispatch of regularly recurring mailings

👉 Personalized PDF Attachments

👉 Whitegelistete Server

👉 Transparency of delivery and response

Event management for e.g. exhibitions

We are seeing more and more media houses becoming regular event agencies. From interactive workshops and web seminars to live events and festive galas. The preparation and implementation of events of all kinds of course requires appropriate software to invite participants, remind them, create and send the tickets to the point of admission control and subsequent evaluation.

The e-abo manager in combination with the EMM offers everything you need for the organisation of events. From the invitation e-mail to the personalised landing page, from registration – if required with invoice dispatch – to ticket dispatch with directions and ical file, everything is included. And you can also register the participants on site simply by scanning the tickets with an app. You can then send your participants digital documents by e-mail and send a customer survey on the quality of the event.

👉 Invitation management

👉 Invoicing

👉 Ticket dispatch

👉 Participant registration via app

👉 Evaluation and post-processing

Did you find yourself in one or the other example? Then let us advise you on our solutions free of charge.

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