Increase Your Freedom of Design with the Layout Package

AGNITAS Layout PackageIncrease Your Freedom of Design, Usability and Control of Appearance

Using the Layout package, you can design your newsletters in the E-marketing Manager in no time. You will not only be able to create your own templates and customize designs, but you will also be able to check the appearance of your layouts using a variety of email clients before messages are sent. Creative newsletters can be created easily and quickly by editors and content managers, without requiring knowledge of HTML.


The Most Important Layout Package Features at a Glance

  • Customized templates:
    design your mailing templates in an individualized and responsive manner and use your corporate design
  • Enormous simplification of work efforts:
    creating mailing campaigns becomes easy for employees without any HTML knowledge
  • Flexible adjustment of layouts:
    you can modify your design at any time and create new templates without support
  • Control appearance before transmission:
    check and optimize appearance for a variety of email clients, browsers and end devices

Components of the Layout Package:

Layout BuilderCreate individual mailing templates

Using the Layout Builder, you can create responsive, individualized mailing templates with your corporate design in no time. The Layout Builder will help to you bring your full creativity to life without requiring support from AGNITAS. As soon as you approve the new template, the E-mail Creator will make it available to your employees, so that they can create messages easily using the drag-n-drop technology. Your employees can assign content to mailings in a flexible manner or copy, increase and edit it without requiring any HTML knowledge.

An unlimited number of customized, responsive newsletter templates
Flexible creation and adjustment without the need of support
An approval feature for completed layouts

AGNITAS Layout Builder

Developing Ideas into New Layouts is So Easy:

To create a new layout, first define the basic design using a grid matrix. You can create any number of columns, offsets and prepared objects as desired. For the next step, you can add your customized CSS file and define the various styles. Finally, you can create the core of your template: the content components. There are (practically) no limits to what your fantasy can create: headers, headlines, editorial, tables of content, product containers, call-to-action elements, blocks for body text and images, share buttons, footers and much more.

All of the elements can then be assigned to a master layout that will form the basic structure of your newsletter.

1. Set the grid

Grid Layout Builder

2. Create Template & CSS

CSS Layout Builder

3. Define Styles

Styles Layout Builder

4. Create Content Modules

Content blocks Layout Builder

Inbox-PreviewNewsletter optimization for different browsers, e-mail clients and devices

You know the problem: you’ve worked hard to produce marvelous content and develop an appealing newsletter, but the message looks different in Outlook than in the preview window. Use the Inbox Preview feature to prevent this from happening. E-marketing Manager’s Inbox Preview feature is a valuable tool for checking how various email clients, browsers and end device will display your mailings before they are sent. It will allow you to see problems in the appearance and optimize your mailings accordingly.

Using screenshots, Inbox Preview will show you how your message will be displayed by a variety of displays and browsers. Best of all, you don’t need 10 different devices and innumerable test accounts to cover all of the possible combinations. It will save time, energy and preserve everybody’s nerves.

Immediate, visual preview results
Unlimited number of test attempts
Test & optimize without the need to cover every case for yourself

Die Inbox-Vorschau ist Teil des Layout Package

Inbox Preview can also be purchased as an add-on feature for other packages. If you’re interested, let us know.

Interested in the Layout Package? We would be glad to inform you about it!

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