Premium Features

You can profit of a lot of additional functions for the E-Marketing Manager. The premium features make working with the comprehensive e-mail tool even easier, enable more automated processes and therefore an even more professional e-mail marketing.

Equip your system with some more features!


Content Package

Opening rates can increase extremely with the right content. Relevant topics like e.g. news of the field of interest or the weather forecast of the recipient's residence, create much more attention than regular advertising mails. AGNITAS offers several content moduls which you can integrate in your newsletter.

Layout Package

With the premium features for mailing creation and dispatch working with the EMM gets even more easy. You can create your own templates with the Layout Builder and design your mailings by drag & drop - totally without HTML knowledge. The Inbox Preview enables the control of the presentation of your mailings on different devices and browsers.

Automation Package

With the Automation Package you can supply your recipients with the right contents at the right time. Dispatch of automated mailings on a particular occasion, such as a birthday voucher or product recommendation, becomes child's play. The Automation Package produces its maximum effect in conjunction with the Retargeting Package.

Retargeting Package

Retargeting means you pick up your customer's needs at optimum level, offering him tailor-made contents.
Via the AGNITAS Retargeting package you will find, in a simple and automated process, what is of interest for your recipient at the moment. You can send your recipient information on this subject in a targeted way at the right time.

Smart Data

Basis for an individual and automated e-mail marketing is always your data. With an optimized connection of your different systems to the E-Marketing Manager you can use your gathered data targeted. We offer a variety of automatisms that make complex campaigns a piece of cake.

Analytics Package

The default statistic features of the EMM enable a very detailed evaluation of your mailings. But also important is that your data are checked and cleaned regularly. With the data quality report you gain an overview and can fix errors easily. With Pre Delivery Check and Post Delivery Check you can avoid spam criteria and control the successful delivery of your mailings. And MIA Premium supports you with valuable trends in which direction your account develops.

Delivery Package

The successful delivery of e-mails is our central task. The Delivery Package offers you more options to take control of your delivery, protect your distribution list from loss, and iprove the reputation of your mail server.

Cross Media

The E-Marketing Manager can not only send e-mails, but also Print, SMS and Fax. So you can reach your customers with different media and ensure that your message really arrives. Stay as flexible as your recipients are in your communication.


You need a system for more countries or subsidiaries? No problem. With the multi-client capability every account and every user gets only the rights he or she really needs. The master account can set up subordinated accounts and assign them certain rights.

Premium Features

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