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In addition to our software products, we offer a range of consulting services for you. These include advice on campaign workflows, interfaces and much more. On this page you will find information about our consulting services and you may also contact us directly.

This consulting service provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the development of campaign workflows in the E-Marketing Manager. This will provide you with the skills you need to plan and implement successful email marketing campaigns. We are also happy to support you at this point with the implementation of your specific customized campaign!

This consulting service provides you with a comprehensive review and proof of concept of your customized design template as well as insight into best practices for subsequent template development:

  • Review and PoC of the customized design template
  • Overview of best practices for template development
  • Integration of interactive elements and call-to-actions
  • Optimization for different devices and screen sizes
  • Tips and analysis for possible barrier-free accessibility
  • Feedback and individual support for participants

OpenEMM Plus offers individual premium functions as an extension to the free OpenEMM and is suitable for users who want to operate professional e-mail and marketing automation on the basis of open source software, but have additional requirements for more automation, flexibility and efficiency.
If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you.

Interfaces are an advantageous extension of the EMM. Different interfaces are suitable depending on the amount of data, type of data, direction of data flow and urgency of data updates. This consulting service will help you select and integrate the most suitable email marketing interfaces for your company.

We offer comprehensive support in the evaluation, implementation and optimization of import and export interfaces, RESTful, SOAP, webhooks and SMTP connectivity to ensure that your email marketing activities run seamlessly and efficiently.

Taking data protection into account in email marketing is essential. We are therefore happy to help you align your marketing strategy with data protection requirements by implementing various measures.

These include registration forms with tracking opt-out, DOI emails clearly marked as non-promotional and machine-readable information reports. In addition, TLS-encrypted sending and effective data deletion in accordance with applicable guidelines can be discussed, including the deletion of fields without corresponding permissions.

This consulting service will help you to identify and automate manual processes to increase your email marketing efficiency and save time. We also support you in the selection and implementation of suitable automation tools to develop customized solutions for your specific business requirements.

This consultation also includes an explanation of the auto-import and auto-export functions, which we offer as premium features of the EMM. We can also advise you on topics such as duplicate cleaning and data updating.

We are happy to help you optimize the delivery of your mailings. This consulting service supports you in the implementation of SPF, DKIM and DMARC, including the selection of suitable service providers and the implementation of the DMARC policy. We also offer you help with the successful implementation of BIMI or support you in setting up and configuring your own dedicated mail servers.

This consulting service helps you to create efficient response processing by setting up appropriate filters. In addition, the EMM bounce processing rules are explained.

The consultancy also includes the monitoring and regular analysis of bounce rates, a DKIM, DMARC and SPF check as well as support with their configuration and feedback loops. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed explanation of the EMM Individual for hard bounce validation.

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