OpenEMM Plus

OpenEMM PlusMore automation & efficiency

OpenEMM Plus offers individual premium functions as an extension to the free OpenEMM and is suitable for users who want to operate professional e-mail and marketing automation on the basis of open source software, but have additional requirements for more automation, flexibility and efficiency.

Individual premium features

E-Mail Creator
Simple mailing creation via drag & drop

Layout Builder
Tool for creating templates

Media pool
Central management of media files

Further interfaces
Smooth integration of your systems with OpenEMM

Client configuration
More customizations and adaptations

OpenEMM Plus concept

OpenEMM Plus functions

  • The e-mail creator with layout builder and media pool for module-based template and mailing creation via drag & drop
  • An HTML interface for the automated filling of content modules in mailings (e.g. via CMS)
  • A module for automated data import and export for data exchange with external systems such as CRM, ERP, online shops, etc.
  • Extended functionality for SOAP and RESTful web services to be able to move large amounts of data and address the additional OpenEMM Plus functionality
  • A webhooks API to inform third-party systems about the reactions of email recipients to the emails sent
  • An SMTP interface to receive and refine emails from legacy systems (HTML design, bounce management, link tracking, etc.)
  • An extended client configuration for around 30 individual configurations for data protection, data security and other default settings

What costs are involved?

Products can be booked individually

  • One-off expenses for the software licence with bug fixes
  • Monthly expenses for updates/upgrades

One-off expenses by product, net in each case

  • Email Creator with Layout Builder and Media Pool one-off EUR 2,500
  • One-off costs of between EUR 2,000 and EUR 2,500 per interface
  • Client configuration 500 EUR
  • Installation support according to expenditure or requirements

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