Marketing Software using Text Messaging for Special Needs

SMS-Marketing-Software für spezielle Anforderungen

Marketing Software using Text Messaging and Personalized Text MessagesTake advantage of the award-winning multi-channel marketing software for sending text messages

Text messaging is the hidden winner in the marketing mix. You can also use the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM), the high-performance digital push marketing suite that has won several awards, to create professional text message marketing campaigns. Even if the usage figures for purely private communications have sunk to a minimum since the proliferation of free messenger services throughout the market, text messaging continues to justify its existence as feature. There are many applications in the B2C and B2B communications, which are based on text messaging. There is good reason for this as the following advantages will demonstrate.

Advantages of Text Messaging Using Professional SoftwareWhy Text Messaging Survives

Advantage 1: No Spam or Spam Filters

Because it is difficult to misuse text messaging, spam filters and ad blockers or any similar programs are not a problem.

Advantage 2: No Eavesdropping

Text messages cannot be received by unintended recipients and read, which means that this is a secure communication method.

Advantage 3: Personalization

Like e-mails, text messages can be personalized, categorized and individualized and their transmission can be automated.

Advantage 4: No Internet Connection

Receiving a text message requires a connection to the telephone grid, not Internet access.

Advantage 5: You are allowed to message everyone

The recipient does not require permission or the addition of a number to a phone directory to receive text messages.

Advantage 6: Additional Apps not Required

Using text messaging does not require an email account or an app. A telephone number is enough.

Advantage 7: Text Messaging has a Serious Presence

Because text messaging is secure and used predominantly for business communications, it presents a serious presence.

Advantage 8: Communicate Your Essential Message

Text messaging avoids unnecessary hype and, at 160 characters, must communicate the essential message.

Advantage 9: Multi-channel Use

Text messaging is the perfect option for communicating across channels in real time, such as for approval codes.

Advantage 10: Design, Test and Schedule

Using our software, you can design the text message first, test it and then schedule and transmit the message.

Advantage 11: An old Phone is all you need

Text messaging does not need a smartphone. A simple, 15-button cell phone is already enough to do the trick.

Advantage 12: You'll get more Attention

Even if this communication channel is not used as much, it benefits from grabbing more attention.

Suggested Uses for Text MessagingThe Right Channel for Special Purposes

  • Verification codes
    Text messaging is the most popular channel for 2-factor authentication. For one thing, the channel is quick and direct. For another, it cannot be accessed by other people. Have you received messages like: “Please confirm your identity by entering the following 5 characters.”?
  • TANs / passwords
    Banks have reasons for using the Smart-TAN process. This channel is being used here as well because messages cannot be received by third parties. Other systems also send single-use passwords as text messages.
  • Appointment scheduling
    Airlines, doctors, hairstylists, ride share opportunities, car rental agencies, furniture shops and cosmeticians frequently use confirmations and reminders for appointments and reservations. Certainly, there are many other uses for this feature.
  • Account notifications
    Mobile communications providers, credit institutions and others send notifications about invoices and other outstanding transactions using text messaging.

Sending Text Messages using AGNITAS E-Marketing ManagerSend Text Messages like a Pro

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager provides you with a professional text messaging package. EMM can do more than just sending text messages for you. Take advantage of the following features:

Cross Channel Marketing

Using the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager, you can not only implement text messages professionally, but also integrate other communications channels into your campaigns. In addition to text messages, you can also take advantage of email, web push notifications, messenger services and faxes for communicating with your customers.

You will learn more about the other marketing channels here.

CRM Features

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager has integrated CRM features. You can store any characteristics and information desired about your leads along with phone numbers. Doing this makes it easy to use this information for creating target groups as well as personalizing and individualizing text messages.

Marketing Automation

By automating marketing you make sure that your text messages will also be sent at the right time and the recipient will get the text message when they are expecting text messages. You can schedule text messages in real time using triggers, such for the transmission of verification codes or TANs.

You will learn more about automating marketing here.

Standard Interfaces

By integrating other popular systems, you can access the relevant data needed for your marketing text messages using E-Marketing Manager. For example, you can compare new recipients with your existing CRM system or prepare new access codes for reference tables.

You will learn more about interfaces here.

Creating & Sending Text MessagesUsing the Software

Because a text message can only convey 160 characters and cannot display any images or multimedia content, using the software is incredibly simple. Simply compose your text message using an entry control. With the help of AGNITAS tags, you can replace certain placeholders with personalized text and include dynamic content. By selecting a distribution list and, if necessary, a target group, you can define additional filters for the group of recipients. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have stored the recipient’s cell phone in the system. Transmission can be scheduled or activated by a trigger.

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