Email solutions for the health care sector

E-Mail-Lösungen für den Health-Care-Bereich: Von Medizin über Medizintechnik, Pharma, Krankenkassen bis hin zu Chemie und Drogerie

Digital communication that connectsSecure email marketing for companies in the health care sector, such as health insurance companies, medicine, medical technology, care, practices and hospitals, drugstores/cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

These days data is getting collected everywhere, and even the health care sector is no exception. But especially when it comes to medical matters, this is highly sensitive and personal data. The loss or misuse of this data can have drastic consequences for those affected. It is therefore a top priority to protect the relevant personal data. Of course, this also applies to software applications that rely on corresponding data in their processes. Due to the trend towards cloud applications, it is often not so easy to find suitable and, above all, secure providers of software solutions. This is because cloud solutions always mean that third parties have to be involved.

This also applies to providers of email marketing and communication solutions due to the personal data that is processed. Another important point is that email marketing is vulnerable to external attacks, such as phishing and spoofing. Therefore, it is even more important for companies in the health care sector to be as trustworthy as possible and to show recipients that their own data is safe.

Despite the special requirements, organizations and companies in the health care sector naturally also have the need to communicate: With customers, patients, suppliers, service providers and, last but not least, with their own employees. In this industry, too, information must be automated, selected and shared in real time. The occasions are diverse: from individual content to price lists, legal changes, general news and events, everything is possible. And the most suitable channels for this are similarly diverse: Email, SMS, Web Push, Fax and Print.

A license solution like the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM-Inhouse) can be the right choice for the health care industry. The clear advantage is that the data remains completely with you and therefore does not end up with third-party providers. The risk of data misuse or tapping is thus significantly minimized.

Advantages of a software license for the health care sectorGood reasons for a health care company, health insurer or pharmaceutical manufacturer to rely on EMM Inhouse

  • You have absolute control over all data and access rights
  • Software license means buy once and use permanently
  • tSecure internal and external communication with large distributors and individuals
  • Shipping via allowlisted server in the hybrid solution
  • Flexibly deep integration and extension of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Agile implementation through support of MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle databases
  • Individually scalable server parkaccording to data volume and performance requirements
  • Meets the requirements of the EU-GDPR
  • Audit-proof logging of user activities
  • Supports SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI for increased trust on the receiving end
  • Optional CI-compliant user interface with whitelabeling
  • Individual security hardening of system configuration

Everything under your roof

The EMM supports you e.g. with the dispatch of:

individualized and personalized

Autoresponders with (personalized) forms / PDFs

automated service and transactional

Interval mailings, e.g. account statements, stock portfolio

date-controlled mails, e.g. for

Recommendations on behalf of the account manager

SMS messages e.g. for service

Web push
news about
current offers

The EMM Inhouse also offers:

CRM functionality for target group creation & data enrichment

Multiple statistics and analysis functions for measuring success

Delivery and read control on receiver basis

Campaign manager for automated mail campaigns

Behavior tracking for behavior-based recommendations

interfaces for integration

for separate data

Allowlisting for increased delivery rates and reach

Our license solution can also be used as a hybrid solution with the allowlisted mail servers from AGNITAS. You benefit from the highest data security and best deliverability. Especially for banks, this reduces the risk of falling victim to spam filters.
Encrypted e-mail transmission, further measures and signatures additionally increase your trustworthiness. With EMM Inhouse, you have all the features of professional marketing automation software, including behavior tracking of your customers on your website.

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Possible applications

You probably already use newsletters in your company, but modern email marketing solutions can do much more than just send simple newsletters. We have compiled a few application examples from the health care sector for you here.

As a health insurer, for example, you will certainly regularly inform your policyholders about current offers, draw their attention to benefits and provide tips on preventive health care. Of course, you also need to keep your insurance agencies and insurance brokers up to date on new offers.

As a company in the medical technology, laboratory, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, you probably focus on B2B customers, informing them about current offers, new products, but perhaps also about changes in regulations. It is not uncommon that you also rely on a large (intermediate) dealer network. Of course, dealers also need to be informed about new products and current prices. Since hospitals and public institutions have often outsourced tenders to consultants and consulting companies, these stakeholders must of course also be involved in communication.

Doctors, practices and private clinics also need to advertise on their own behalf and stay in touch with their patients. Here, of course, you can also present new treatment methods, medicines and trends via newsletters. The desire for beauty and health is an important economic sector and is subject to the same mechanisms as consumer goods.

If you are active in the cosmetics and drugstore sector, the focus is also on current offers and product innovations. No matter who your target group is (end consumers, beauty salons or retail) and what topics you want to place, professional personalization and precise target group creation are essential.

Regardless of the company, regularly addressing customers and interest groups has a positive effect, as long as it is done in the right measure. The topics can certainly go beyond current offers. For example, newsletters on blog articles that deal with your subject area can promote loyalty, as can e-mails on changes in your company that convey transparency.

In all cases, it is important that you take the requirements of the German Drug Advertising Act into account when communicating. No promises should be made, such as, for example, you are guaranteed to look 10 years younger afterwards, no concrete patient numbers should be mentioned, and no cures for serious illnesses should be advertised. It should be clearly recognizable to the recipient that this is advertising content. In case of doubt and for detailed questions, it is best to consult a lawyer.

👉 Regular information for customers, interested parties, dealers and partners

👉 Presenting new offers and services

👉 Communicate important changes, e.g. in legal topics, transparently

👉 Proof of competence and customer loyalty

Take the pressure off your company and use automated mailings, such as automatic confirmations of receipt. This way, the recipient knows that his request has arrived and does not have to deal with uncertainty and queues. Another example of use is appointment confirmations when there is an online appointment system. An automatic reminder before the appointment also ensures that the customer does not miss it.

If desired, automations can be integrated into other processes. In the case of inquiries, the appropriate notifications or the required form can already be sent.

If your product portfolio allows it, an automated offer dispatch is also possible. This can be supplemented by automated reminders. For new customers, you can use appropriate welcome campaigns and inform them about the most important points.

The various automation measures not only benefit your own resources, but, if implemented professionally, also increase satisfaction on the recipient side.

👉 Cost and time savings through less administrative effort

👉 Avoidance of waiting times for customers

👉 Personalized forms and documents are sent immediately

Most companies use newsletters to reach customers and prospects. But what about their own employees? After all, it’s not just customers who need to be enthused about their own company, but also employees. Especially if they are not all at the same location, internal communication is important to create a feeling of togetherness and thus motivation. In addition to an intranet that collects all important information, eLetters that provide information on current topics and legal issues are the best choice.

If there are topics that only affect certain areas of the company or employees, these can be easily selected by target groups. In this way, each employee receives only the information that is relevant to him or her. In addition, informal distribution lists are also possible. An example of this would be an eLetter intended only for trainees. In this way, you not only keep your employees up to date, but also ensure motivation, exchange and strengthen company loyalty.

👉 Employees are always up to date

👉 Each employee only receives the information relevant to him or her

👉 Communication cannot be attacked or disrupted from the outside

👉 Increase in exchange and employee loyalty

Does your company have regular training, education and events? Do you regularly train your employees, dealers and users on new products and applications? Or do you inform your customers about relevant topics at events? If so, you can use EMM to manage invitations and address the desired target group in a targeted manner. Especially in the health care sector, training and education play an important role.

But we don’t just support you in communicating about your event. You can also use e-abo manager for ticket management and subsequent participant registration. Of course, this also includes the billing of fee-based offers and the corresponding invoice dispatch.

👉 Manage invitations with multi-stage campaigns

👉 Record and follow-up on participants

👉 Integrated billing and payment processes

In addition to our in-house solution, we also offer you our cloud variant. Especially if your company lacks the technical and administrative resources for this, the EMM SaaS is recommended. The range of functions and convenience are at the same high level as with EMM Inhouse. It also meets the highest security standards and the requirements of ISO standards 27001, 27017 and 27018. The best prerequisites for use in the health care sector!

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