Using Fax Software to automate and personalize Faxes

Fax-Software für personalisierte und automatisierte Faxe

Using Fax Software for Individualized Fax CommunicationsTake advantage of the award-winning multi-channel marketing software for sending faxes

Today, faxes play a less important role in the marketing mix but cannot be avoided in some industries. The term “fax” is a shortened form of facsimile and sometimes called “telecopying”, meaning that the message will be copied to a remote location. However, there are good reasons for considering the integration of faxes (more frequently) for communicating with your customers and why you should use our professional fax software. You can also use the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM), the high-performance digital push marketing suite that has won several awards, to individualize the control of fax-based marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Fax SystemsWhy use Faxes Today?

Advantage 1: No Spam or Spam Filters

Because it is difficult to misuse faxes, spam filters and ad blockers or similar programs are not a problem.

Advantage 2: No Printing and Postage

Faxes are significantly less expensive than printed mailing, because there are no costs for printing and no postage.

Advantage 3: Timely Delivery

Faxes are sent and received quickly. Therefore, they are the appropriate media for real-time marketing measures.

Advantage 4: Multi-page Content

There are no limits on the amount of data or the number of characters. Multiple pages can be sent through the fax systems.

Advantage 5: Valid Declaration of Intent

Courts recognize the legal validity of faxes as declarations of intent, if the written form is not required.

Advantage 6: Response Channel

Responses can also be sent by fax so that all communications use the same media channel.

Advantage 7: Fax Transmission Report

The success of transmission can be reliably recorded and tracked using the transmission report.

Advantage 8: No Internet Connection

Receiving faxes only requires a fax number. Internet access is not required.

Advantage 9: You can send to whoever you want

The recipient does not require permission or the addition of a number to a phone directory to receive faxes.

Advantage 10: High-level of Attention

Because faxes are not used as frequently as email, they get more attention from the recipient or might even act as a pleasant surprise.

Advantage 11: Popularity with Certain Industries

In some industries, the fax communication channel continues to be a very popular option and offers reliable accessibility.

Vorteile Fax-Versand

Disadvantages of Fax SystemsConsiderations

Using faxes does have certain weaknesses that must be taken into consideration. The extent of usage of faxes is falling because fewer fax machines are being purchased and valid fax numbers are declining. Most fax equipment can only print in black and white, which clearly limits the design options. Faxes do not have the highest level of quality, which means that the contrast of the design must be high and it must be clear. Because fax machines are often shared, determining the recipient is not as certain, unless a Fax2Mail number is used. Confidential data should generally only be transmitted by fax if the provider offers encrypted transmission, because otherwise the communication channel is as protected against eavesdropping as a telephone conversation.

Once the limitations of faxes have been taken into consideration, this channel can be reliably integrated into the customer communications options. Therefore, we recommend using faxes in combination with other communications channels.

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Suggested Uses for FaxesTypical Uses and Industries for Fax Messages

  • Confirmation and issuance of orders:
    Because fax messages are recognized for declarations of intent, this channel is frequently used to confirm and issue orders. For example, agencies and translation agencies have their customers easily reconfirm work orders.
  • Registrations for events:
    Many tradeshow and conference organizers use faxes to confirm registration for their events. In this case, the registration is also legally binding.
  • Order forms:
    Even if this channel is hardly used for private communications anymore, many B2B suppliers continue to use classic fax orders. Pre-printed order forms simplify quick ordering for employees.

Doctor’s practices and clinics, event construction companies and organizers, tradespeople and even translation agencies also commonly use faxes (some employees do not have access to an email account).

Sending Faxes using AGNITAS E-Marketing ManagerUsing professional fax software for personalized and individualized batches of faxes

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager provides you with a professional faxing package. EMM can do more than just sending faxes for you. Take advantage of the following features:

Cross Channel Marketing

Using the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager, you can not only implement faxes professionally, but also integrate other communications channels into your campaigns. In addition to faxes, you can also take advantage of email, web push notifications, messenger services and text messages for communicating with your customers.

You will learn more about the other marketing channels here.

Using CRM Features to Personalize and Individualize Messages

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager has integrated CRM features. You can store any characteristics and information desired about your leads along with fax numbers. Doing this makes it easy to use this information for creating target groups as well as personalizing and individualizing faxes.


Marketing Automation

By automating marketing you make sure that your faxes will also be sent at the right time and the recipient will get the fax when they are expecting faxes. You can schedule faxes in real time using triggers, such as for online orders or receiving requests for work through other channels.

You will learn more about automating marketing here.

Standard Interfaces

By integrating other popular systems, you can access the relevant data needed for your marketing faxes using E-Marketing Manager. For example, you can compare new recipients with your existing CRM system or prepare updated warehouse inventory reports.

You will learn more about marketing automation here.

Design, Test and Schedule

Using EMM, you can design the fax first, personalize it and test it before transmitting it. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can schedule transmission using either a trigger or a fixed point in time.


Using Statistics for Transparency

Keep an eye on the success of your campaigns. Using E-Marketing Manager, you can evaluate the order rates for individual fax campaigns and monitor deliveries to individual recipients.

Creating & Sending Fax MessagesUsing the Software

Because a fax can only convey text and images and cannot display multimedia content, using the software is incredibly simple. Simply compose your fax using an entry control. With the help of AGNITAS tags, you can replace certain placeholders with personalized text and include individualized content. By selecting a distribution list and, if necessary, a target group, you can define additional filters for the group of recipients. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have stored the recipients fax phone in the system. Transmission can be scheduled or activated by a trigger.

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