EMM (SaaS)

Advantages of EMM (SaaS):

EMM (SaaS)

  • Prize-winning e-mail marketing software
  • Powerful Oracle database
  • Operation of the hardware in a high-end data center
  • Whitelisting for the highest possible degree of delivery
  • Unlimited sending volumes
  • Predefined templates for subscribe and unsubscribe process
  • Spam filter check

Here you can get an overview of all EMM features: EMM Features

The AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager as a Software as a Service solution

With EMM (SaaS), the only thing you have to do is send your newsletter! Simply outsource your whitelisting, database and hardware activities to us. If you so desire, you can also use EMM (SaaS) as a full-service solution – we will then take care of sending your mailings.

There are no procurement costs or installation of hardware or software costs, nor are there any operating costs such as management, maintenance and backups. Your data is kept in a professional data center in Munich and our computers are scaled to handle high sending volumes. You therefore save on valuable resources and profit from our high quality and security standards.

EMM (SaaS) is always being developed further. In the EMM (SaaS) solution, you always work with the latest version – and you always get the latest updates.

The EMM (SaaS) variant uses a web-based AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager as a Software-as-a-Service solution. In this case, we act as a so-called application service provider (ASP).

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For the sending of the Arcor newsletter we quite consciously decided in favor of AGNITAS. Due to its great experience in direct and dialog marketing, AGNITAS, more than any other supplier, possesses the necessary experience to carry out e-marketing campaigns successfully.

Stefan Blum - Head of Portal Content arcor.de.


Prices & Variants

For each business the right solution!

EMM (SaaS)

Interface in new, responsive design

EMM (SaaS) contains all the standard features* as found in detail in the overview of services – and you profit from our whitelisting.

As well as the monthly usage fee (SaaS costs), sending costs that depend on the volumes sent are charged.

We'll be happy to make you an individual offer based on your needs. Please contact us by clicking on the following button!


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eMM-Xpress is the flatrate variant of E-Marketing Manager and contains most of the standard features (without whitelisting).

eMM-Xpress is available in two packages:

  •  50,000 recipients      99 Euro
  • 200,000 recipients   149 Euro

The flatrate also covers the costs of sending.

Optional additional packages

Application support:
Support for all EMM application questions (by telephone and by e-mail) The package contains two hours of support per month (the quota cannot be transferred).

Duration 3 months, cancellation period 4 weeks

User training:
Introduction to operation of latest version of EMM on-site or by webinar depending on time needed.

Admin training:
In the user training, our administrators instruct you in technical procedures and details, and introduce you to EMM administration on-site.

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