EMM SaaS – software on demand

EMM SaaS (Software as a Service)Advantages of Software-on-demand: Flexible, Simple and Always Available

The software-as-a-service version of the E-Marketing Manager has many advantages. EMM SaaS is a cloud service and particularly suitable for anyone who does not want to, or cannot, handle installation, administration, procurement and the operation of hardware. There are many more arguments for our award-winning software-on-demand solution…


Advantages of Software-as-a-ServiceThere are many good reasons to use EMM SaaS!

  • Outsourcing of installation, administration, maintenance and procurement of hardware and software
  • Unlimited mailing volume at maximum delivery speed (flexible capacity)
  • Always up-to-date with the latest software version of EMM (continuous updates without interruption of operations)
  • Best performance through powerful server hardware
  • Highest level of availability through redundant hardware in high-end data centers in Munich, Germany
  • Maximum data security, certified by ISO certificates 27001, 27017 and 27018
  • GDPR compliance through data hosting exclusively in Germany and numerous EMM features (anonymous tracking, deletion routines, information reports, etc.)
  • Whitelisting of mail servers for highest deliverability

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager as an SaaS SolutionSoftware on Demand: Always Available to You!

With EMM SaaS, you do not need to worry about anything except sending your newsletters. Simply delegate issues like whitelisting, databases and hardware to us. You can also request the full services features of EMM SaaS and we will take care of creating and sending your mailings.

You will be relieved of the need to procure and install hardware and software as well as other expenses like administration, maintenance and making backups. Your data will be stored on redundant servers at several high-end computer centers in Germany, exclusively. Our computers have been designed to provide the highest level of capacity. Our dedicated server hardware guarantees the best possible performance for processing the opening of messages, clicks, import processes and access to statistical data. Our infrastructure has been designed to grow with you in a flexible manner. You will save valuable resources and benefit from our high levels of quality and security.

The development process for EMM SaaS has not stopped and new updates are released at least once a week without interrupting operations. With the on-demand solution, you will always be working with the newest version and also have access to the most features. All updates are included in the solution. EMM SaaS is a digital push marketing suite that can send messages through email, web push systems, Facebook Lead Ads, text messaging, fax and even print mailings.

Use the AGNITAS E-Marking Manager as a web-based software-as-a-service system and benefit from the advantages listed above. In that case, we will act as a so-called application service provider (ASP) or also known as a cloud service.

Sending your email messages becomes our job. To keep the receipt rate as high as possible, we have bundled various tools into one package, which we would like to present to you briefly: White-listing and Transmission.

What our customers say about EMM:

Prices and variants of the SaaS solutionFor every size, the right solution!

Software as a Service

You do not have to worry about anything with the software as a service version, except for sending your newsletter campaigns.

Leave the software and hardware administration to us.

The most up-to-date functionality of our software is always available to you – without extra charge.

✓ You benefit from whitelisted mail servers.

Starting at €280 per month (in the standard version)

SaaS compact as flatrate

In the eMM-Xpress version, you use a limited range of functions of the SaaS version for a flat rate price.

Leave the software and hardware administration to us.

Unlimited delivery volume, with limited recipient profiles
(50,000 or 200,000).

– No whitelisting possible.

Starting at €99 per month (max. 50,000 recipient profiles)
Starting at €149 per month (max. 200,000 recipient profiles)

You can also view the differences in the features of EMM SaaS and eMM Xpress from here. If you are still uncertain whether a software-on-demand solution or a software license will meet your needs better, get more information about EMM Inhouse from here.

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