E-mail solutions for banks and insurance companies

E-Mail-Marketing für Banken und Versicherungen ist Vertrauenssache

Trust and security are most important for youSecure e-mail communication and marketing automation for financial institutions

Datenschutz und Datensicherheit sind für Banken und Versicherungen essentiell - auch im MarketingData protection and data security are of such great importance to hardly any other industry as they are to banks and insurance companies. Even the smallest data leak can lead to a huge scandal and greatly damage your business. This is not the only reason why no financial service provider can afford data loss. The financial industry is concerned with highly sensitive data, the misuse of which can have serious consequences for those affected – regardless of whether it is account data, assets, health information or other insurance data. For this reason, data protection and data security have top priority for banks and financial service providers. Especially since customer confidence is decisive for the business relationship. After all, you have a reputation to lose.

Software applications also have to meet high demands and security standards. Finding suitable partners and solutions can thus become a real challenge. Especially since the trend is increasingly leaning towards cloud applications. Since it’s no longer possible to work in a closed system and retain control over external acces if should use the cloud solution.

Software solutions for e-mail communication and marketing automation are also sensitive IT applications due to the personal data processed here. This is where another challenge comes into play: Phishing and spoofing attacks are used to potentially gain access to this sensitive data, particularly in the case the medium e-mail. As a result, recipients show a natural distrust of e-mails from financial institutions, which they must counter with various confidence-building measures. At the same time, the demands placed on marketing communication are constantly increasing. After all, financial service providers – driven by the FinTech concept – are expected to bring ever more individual offers, preferably in real time, to customers.

Would you like to be on the safe side as a bank or insurance company when it comes to e-mail marketing? Then you can rely on the license version of our software. EMM Inhouse gives you maximum control over your data and processes. The software license is particularly suitable for all those who do not want to outsource their data, but still need a professional marketing automation solution. And there are even more arguments for our award-winning Software on Premise…

Advantages of our software license for banks and insurance companiesThere are many reasons to rely on the EMM in-house as a bank or insurance company

  • You have maximum control over your data and the access to it.
  • Software license means one time purchase and permament use
  • Enables secure internal and external communication to large distributors and target audiences
  • With a hybrid solution, dispatch via white-listed servers is possible
  • Integration and expansion of the existing IT infrastructure as deep as required
  • Flexible implementation through support of MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle databases
  • Individually scalable server park according to distributor size and demand
  • Supports SPF, DKIM and DMARC for more trust on recipient side
  • Separate sub-clients for own divisions, departments, branches and subsidiaries possible
  • EU-GDPR conform through numerous features
  • Audit-proof logging of user activities
  • If required, the user interface can be adapted to your design by Whitelabeling
  • You have direct access to the database
  • Individual security enhancement of the configuration

Everything in one placeThe EMM Inhouse offers

There are plenty of reasons for e-mail marketing in the banking and insurance sector: no matter whether a new product or service is introduced, customers need to be informed of a legal change or adjustments affecting the account or an insurance policy need to be communicated. What migh also be interesting is the link to automated SMS messages, e.g. for appointment reminders, or Web Push notifications for new services.

The EMM supports you, for example, in delivering:

individualised and personalised e-mails

Autoresponders with (personalized) forms

automated service and transaction mails

Interval mailings, e.g. account statements, credit card bills

date-based mails, e.g. for birthdays, deadlines

Recommendations on behalf of the account manager

SMS e.g. for service notifications

Web push messages on new service offerings

On top of that, the EMM offers in-house:

CRM functionality for target group creation & data enrichment

Various statistics and analysis functions for success measurement

Delivery and reading control on receiver basis

Campaign manager for automated mail flows

Behavior tracking for behavior-based recommendations

Documented interfaces for flexible integration

Master/sub-clients for separate data

Whitelisting for increased delivery security

The additional value of our license solution lies not only in the data security, but also in the possibility to benefit from the whitelisting of AGNITAS mail servers. In this way you can increase the trustworthiness of your mails and deliver them past spam filters. Via encrypted data transmission and various other measures, you can further increase the credibility of your mail so that it can be recognized by the recipient. Furthermore, the EMM Inhouse offers all features of a professional marketing automation software – up to the Behavior Tracking of your customers on your website.

For a complete overview of all features of our email marketing solution, click here:

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Marketing automation software for financial institutionsExamples and suggestions

At first glance, perhaps not everyone is aware that marketing automation software is also necessary for banks and insurance companies. However, if you consider the various applications in which a professional software is used, you may get one or the other surprise.


The classic newsletter is not as frequently on the agenda at banks and insurance companies as it is comparatively at e-commerce companies, but there are still plenty of occasions to show your customers your presence by e-mail. Even if the product range does not change so frequently, you can inform your investors or policyholders about new services and benefits. Of course, you have unlimited possibilities for personalization and target group filtering in order to specifically place the content.

Or perhaps you regularly publish general tips in your company blog, such as saving tips or health questions (prevent instead of aftercare)? Here you can also use the newsletter to announce blog contents and thus increase the traffic on your website.

It is also important to inform customers about current legal changes or adjustments to the General Terms and Conditions. On the one hand this shows transparency and the customer knows where he’s at, on the other hand he sees that you as insurer or bank take care of your customers.

👉 Show presence

👉 General information for interested parties and customers

👉 Present new offers and services

👉 Communicate legal changes transparently

Autoresponders, service mails, automated campaigns

You can use automated mailings for transaction-related communication. Many customers also want digital solutions so that they do not always have to call the respective bank or insurance company in order to reduce waiting times. This starts with the automatic confirmation of the request and continues with the triggering of appropriate customer notifications. In addition, forms and documents – even pre-personalized – can be provided quickly and easily. This reduces your own administrative workload and allows you to work with autoresponders to save costs and personnel.

You can also provide interested parties with further information material or automated initial offers via your website. This can be combined with registration by e-mail and a newsletter subscription. This allows you to expand your e-mail distribution list and your range without much effort. You can then send a welcome campaign to the newly won leads and a customer onboarding campaign if your business is successful.

If you decide to use AGNITAS mail servers for sending your mail, you can also benefit from whitelisting. In order to protect personal data, an attempt is made to deliver the e-mails in encrypted form. Only if the receiving mail server does not support this they are delivered unencrypted.

👉 Reduce waiting times

👉 Send personalized forms and documents in real time

👉 Reduce administrative workload

👉 Shipping with whitelisting and encryption possible

Next-best-offer campaign for customer development

Next-best-offer campaigns are a very popular instrument for customer development. Based on the contracts and products concluded to date, the surfing and clicking behaviour of your recipients and e.g. socio-demographic data, you as a financial institution can issue automated recommendations. In this way you can bind your customers to your company with individualised content and up-sell and cross-sell – even before the customer has to take the first step towards you.

You can initiate campaigns either through triggers (when a certain event occurs) or after certain time units. The content can be retrieved on a daily basis so that your campaign never loses its topicality.

👉 Upselling and crossselling

👉 Send customer-specific recommendations automatically

👉 Daily updated contents

Decentralized communication for insurance agencies, representatives, branches, etc.

You can also provide smaller subsidiaries with an effective marketing instrument via master sub-client management. You provide the mailing templates from a central location and the respective branch manager can communicate with his customers using the corporate design. Of course, each sub-client also has all statistical functions and can evaluate the success of mailings in detail. As a master, you also have access to the respective sub-clients to get an overall impression.

Of course, each sub-client can only view and manage its own recipients. This also ensures that the communication meets the requirements of the EU-GDPR.

👉 Standardized templates with corporate design

👉 EU-GDPR conform data management

👉 Marketing instrument for branch offices

Appointment confirmations and reminders

If you offer a digital appointment scheduling on the website, you can use the EMM to handle the associated appointment communication. The customer will then automatically receive an appointment confirmation with a number and a link that allows the appointment to be cancelled or postponed. On the insurance company or bank’s side, the respective appointment is recorded and integrated into an internal calendar. It is also possible to send the customer a reminder e-mail shortly before the appointment in which you list the required documents. Win-win situation on both sides: Your employees have no additional work to do with coordinating appointments and only attend to the appointment on site. Your customers enjoy less waiting time, can easily arrange their appointments online and are informed about everything important. The E-Marketing Manager thus takes over the complete automation of your standard communication processes and relieves your employees.

👉 Automated appointment confirmations with activity numbers

👉 Reminder mailings with reference to required documents

👉 No waiting times, less effort for employees

Internal communication

In addition to external communication, communication within an organisation, such as a bank or insurance company, should not be neglected. Especially for branch-based companies, good corporate communication is essential to ensure that individual branches or areas do not feel detached and that identification with the company remains high. Important information and messages can be communicated to all employees or even just some of their colleagues. Internal newsletters are predestined for this. They can establish different newsletter formats according to requirements and target groups. There are plenty of possible applications: from the monthly newsletter, which summarises the most important events and innovations for all employees, to the event-driven newsletter for branch managers. Mailings that are dedicated to a specific employee segment as required are also possible. If, for example, a system change or process change occurs, only those employees who are actually affected are comprehensively informed. Communication is thus tailored to the individual employee. The employee receives all information that is relevant to him or her and is not bothered with personally irrelevant information. In addition, more informal distribution lists are also conceivable – for example, there could be an eLetter especially for trainees or a free employee magazine. In any case, there are plenty of advantages: More motivation, Bonding, Exchange and more fun at work. .

As this is an in-house system, you clearly benefit from the fact that all data remains within your sphere of influence and is not transferred to third parties. Sensitive personal data and information remain protected and cannot be accessed from outside.

👉 Secure communication within the organization

👉 Employees are up to date, with no loss of time

👉 Employees only receive the information that is relevant to them

👉 More exchange and communication promotes loyalty

You are not sure whether an in-house solution is the right one for you because you lack the technical and administrative resources? Then take a look at our EMM SaaS solution. The EMM SaaS offers all the convenience of our in-house solution and also meets the highest security standards as well as the requirements of ISO standards 27001, 27017 and 27018.

Get to know the EMM, we will be happy to advise you.