Variants of the E-mail Marketing Software

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM)

prize-winning e-mail marketing software
E-Marketing Manager (EMM)AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (abbreviated EMM) is a multi-award-winning e-mail marketing program.

EMM was the first e-mail marketing solution on the German market. We have been constantly refining our e-mail marketing software for you ever since 1999.

The E-Marketing Manager is available in different variants so that we can optimally address your needs. Below is a brief introduction to our three e-mail marketing software variants.

Which variant is the best match for you?

EMM (SaaS)

With EMM (SaaS) you don't have to take care of anything yourself. You automatically benefit from our good reputation and our whitelisting.

In the software-as-a-service variant (SaaS) you outsource installation and maintenance of your database, hardware and software to us. Our hardware is located in a dependable and high-end computer center in Munich. We also offer our software as a full service.

With EMM (SaaS) you work with the latest EMM version and benefit from features only available in the SaaS variant.

EMM (Inhouse)

Use EMM (Inhouse) if the security of your e-mail addresses takes top priority and you do not want to share these with any external parties.

In this case, you acquire the license (on premise) and we install and configure the necessary hardware and software for you. This lets you seamlessly integrate the E-Marketing Manager in your existing CRM or IT infrastructure.

You operate EMM (Inhouse) in your own computer center. You alone have the authority to decide who can access your data.



OpenEMM is the open-source variant of the E-Marketing Manager and, with over 500,000 downloads, is the most internationally successful open-source e-mail marketing software.

It even lets tech-savvy users install their own e-mail marketing tool. OpenEMM is a single-server solution that is easy to install and already offers the majority of functions that commercial solutions do.

OpenEMM is a free e-mail marketing program with a wide range of functions for beginners.
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