E-mail Marketing Software for Increased Success

Award-winning e-mail marketing softwareThe perfect solution for your professional e-mail marketing

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager (EMM) is an award-winning and powerful e-mail marketing software suite. We have added new communication channels, expanding EMM into a digital push marketing system, but the main focus remains on e-mail – and for a good reason.

E-mail marketing is still the most important digital push medium!

We here at AGNITAS recognized this more than 18 years ago. That’s why our founder, Martin Aschoff, made every effort to be the first provider on the German market to develop e-mail marketing software. That marked the beginning of the AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager.

A lot has changed since then: the technical potential has increased, the functionality of our e-mail marketing software has expanded, and the newsletter content has become dynamic, custom and better in general. But one thing has remained the same:

Demand for this medium continues to be high.

Forecast of daily sent and received e-mails worldwide until 2021Source: Statista

Despite numerous new communication channels and touchpoints, e-mail is indispensable to our daily communications routine. Recent statistics even predicts additional growth for e-mail.

Benefits of E-mail MarketingWhy you should rely on professional e-mail marketing software

E-mail marketing has compared to other communication channels many benefits. The most important benefits you will find beneath, but of course there are much more. With our e-mail marketing tool EMM you will profit from all of these benefits.

Benefit 1: Minimum cost, maximum ROI

Mailings cost only a fraction compared to other media. In addition, e-mail is the most effective channel to generate high turnover.

Benefit 2: Individualization instead of bulk

E-mail marketing lets you achieve true 1:1 marketing. Keep track of individual orders or make individual product recommendations.

Benefit 3: Immediate response

First reactions are measured almost as quickly as the e-mails arrive. You can assign each reaction to a specific recipient.

Benefit 4: More attention

In the recipient’s inbox, you get their full attention – as opposed to banners, external advertising, etc. Customization can increase this even more.

Benefit 5: High transparency

You can see clearly who actually received and opened the e-mail. Who clicked, when and on what links as well as which products were bought.

Benefit 6: Profile enrichment

Any form of response tells you more about your leads. Use this knowledge and enrich your receiver profiles with behavioral data.

Benefit 7: E-mail marketing is fast

The recipient receives the message very quickly. You can do short-term advertising and real-time marketing.

Benefit 8: Timing and planning

You decide when a lead receives a message – from immediate e-mails to advertising campaigns planned in advance, anything is possible.

Benefit 9: E-mail marketing arrives

Your mailing arrives directly in the recipient’s inbox. It does not need to pass through several hands before reaching its goal.

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More success for your newsletter campaignsEMM brings you all the advantages of a professional e-mail marketing software suite

Marketing Automation

E-mail marketing without automation is unthinkable today: from multi-level newsletter campaigns to individual e-mails, to real-time content in mailings, AGNITAS e-mail marketing software lets you master these tasks with ease.

Find out more about marketing automation in the EMM here.

Lead Management

Good e-mail marketing requires that you know your recipients and be flexible in your approach. From the individual recipient to target groups, to complete distribution lists, our e-mail marketing tool covers all distribution sizes. The recipient response and behavior data are used for profile enrichment.

Find out more about lead management in the EMM here.

Content Marketing

The success of your newsletter campaigns depends largely on your content. With our software, you can take full advantage of the static content that is the same for everyone, the dynamic content that is generated at the moment of opening, or the custom content (e.g. shopping behavior). In addition, we also offer a customized content in the form of personalized images, the daily horoscope, the local weather, and the name tag information. What’s more, we have an in-house editorial team for editorial content.

Find out more about content marketing in the EMM here.


A professional newsletter tool must integrate into existing IT infrastructure and constantly exchange data with other systems. AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager provides you with numerous interfaces to exchange data manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. The data exchange is bidirectional and possible in real time.

Find out more about interfaces in the EMM here.


What’s the use of a great e-mail when it gets stuck in the spam filter? As a trusted newsletter tool provider, we are a member of the CSA and the DDV. By adhering to the code of honor and various other measures, we ensure the whitelisting of our mail server and thus the delivery of your mailings.

Find out more about whitelisting in the EMM here.

Bounce Management

Bounce management plays an important role in EMM as it has a direct impact on the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns. That’s why we’ve implemented sophisticated bounce management.

Find out more about bounce management in the EMM here.

Data Protection & Security

Data protection and data security are the nuts and bolts of reliable newsletter software. That is why, since our foundation in 1999, we have placed the highest value on the protection of your data. We ensure this through physical, electronic and legal means. ISO certification according to standards 27001, 27017 and 27018 confirms the highest level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our software.

Find out more about data protection and security in the EMM here.

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Important functions of the newsletter softwareAGNITAS EMM offers you

AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager already offers hundreds of features in its standard variant. You can find the most important features beneath.

E-Mail Creator (create newsletter via drag & drop)

Newsletter creation is a breeze with the E-Mail Creator. Our e-mail marketing tool comes with an intuitive modular system with various responsive templates. Knowledge of HTML is optional and users with less technical experience can easily create attractive newsletters. You can simply place the modules using drag & drop and rearrange them at any time. Each module can be increased or decreased in size. And you can customize content as you wish.

With the Layout Builder premium feature, you can create your own building blocks and templates for the E-mail Creator. If you do not have the necessary resources for this, we will gladly create an individual template for you.

Tip: anyone who prefers to create newsletters with HTML has all the options to design individual mailings via HTML in our software.

Newsletter design by drag & drop with the E-Mail Creator

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager makes it easy to create multi-level and complex campaigns. Planning, running and evaluating campaigns are easy in our e-mail marketing software due to the graphical display and intuitive editor. Use drag & drop to design the campaign workflow. Each icon is linked to an area in the software and offers various options.

The premium feature Automation Package allows the Campaign Manager to maximize its functionality. Even no paths to decision icons can be integrated into the campaign. And more functions are possible.

AGNITAS campaign manager allows planning and running of multi-stage campaigns

Mailing Types

In addition to the classic newsletter which is sent once to all recipients (or at least to selected individuals), there are other use cases that require special mailing types. That’s why our e-mail marketing software offers even more types of mailings. Here is an overview of all the mailing types:

  • Normal mailing:
    For all mailings and newsletters that are sent only once at a fixed point in time.
  • Date-driven mailing:
    For all mailings that are triggered by a recipient-specific date (e.g. birthday, anniversary, name day).
  • Action-driven mailing:
    For all mailings that are sent by a trigger (e.g. reaction, purchase, termination).
  • Interval mailing:
    For all mailings that are sent in a certain cycle (e.g. contribution fees, account balances, bonus points).
  • Followup-Mailing:
    For all mailings that follow up based on the reaction to former mailings (e.g. opening, click, purchase).

Different mailing types for different use cases

Recipient management

A newsletter tool without recipients? Unthinkable! In EMM, you have multiple levels to manage your addresses. The smallest unit is the single recipient. You can define characteristics like age, gender, place of residence, interests, etc. in their profile. The recipient profile also provides information on activity, response data and legal information. There are an unlimited number of recipient profiles available.

You can use these characteristics to create target groups that share characteristics or meet certain conditions. There are an unlimited number of target groups available.

The biggest common denominator is the mailing list. With this you manage different distributors, e.g. B2B and B2C. Again, there are an unlimited number of mailing lists available.

Recipient management in our e-mail marketing software


One of the great strengths of e-mail marketing is the transparency that comes from a great measurability. This is why our e-mail software offers you an endless amont of statistics, charts and metrics.

You get all the information you need about the success of your e-mails, from response metrics on the mailing over time to relative and absolute values, to heatmaps and mailing comparisons as a benchmark statistics for your industry. You can limit this to any granularity by adding target groups.

In addition to the mailing, you will also find numerous key figures for the individual recipient and evaluations of your distributors, e.g. IP addresses, equipment types, subscriptions and cancellations.

But EMM offers even more statistics which you can export and process in different formats.

Customer Insights for a better knowledge of your leads

Other Highlights

EMM has many more highlights in store for you. See for yourself what features our e-mail marketing software offers:

  • Retargeting:
    Behavior Tracking on your website allows you to send individual offers by e-mail.
  • Send-time Optimization:
    Send your mailings during the preferred opening times of the respective recipient.
  • Advanced Hardbounce Validation (AHV):
    Not every bounced address remains permanently inaccessible – the AHV allows you to reactivate irregular bounces.
  • Inbox Preview:
    Check the appearance of your mailings before sending them to different devices, browsers and e-mail clients.
  • Auto Import & Auto Export:
    Automated data exchange without the time-consuming programming work.
  • Additional Channels:
    In addition to e-mail, you can also use WhatsApp, web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and fax.

Further highlights of our e-mail marketing software

Here you can find all features of our software

Versions of our e-mail marketing softwareWe have the right solution for every need!

We know that every customer is unique and has different needs for their newsletter tool. Some want to outsource as much workload as possible to focus on sending newsletters. Others want to manage everything in-house as much as possible to maintain maximum control over the data and processes. For some, cost is the deciding factor, while others value the widest possible range of features. We have the perfect solution for all these needs.

Software as a Service

You do not have to worry about anything with the software as a service version, except for sending your newsletter campaigns.

Leave the software and hardware administration to us.

The most up-to-date functionality of our software is always available to you – without extra charge.

✓ You benefit from whitelisted mail servers.

Starting at €280 per month (in the standard version)

Software license solution

The software license version gives you maximum control over your data. An address transfer to third parties is not required.

Buy the software license once, use it permanently.

Regular updates and new features are available through the maintenance contract.

✓ No usage fees for sending mailings.

Starting at a one-time price of €9.500 (including first client)

SaaS flat rate

In the eMM-Xpress version, you use a limited range of functions of the SaaS version for a flat rate price.

Leave the software and hardware administration to us.

Unlimited delivery volume, with limited recipient profiles
(50,000 or 200,000).

– No whitelisting possible.

Starting at €99 per month (max. 50,000 recipient profiles)

Open-source solution

In the open source version, you have access to a significantly limited range of E-Marketing Manager functions at no price.

You take care of the installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of the software yourself.

Unlimited usage period

✓ No costs for the use

for €0 

To find out more about the functional differences between the software versions, see our function overview.

Cloud and license models in comparisonDifferences between the operating forms from the user's point of view

To make it easier for you to find the right operating form for you, we have prepared a small comparison table of the different models for you. Essentially, the models can be classified as follows. However, there are always individual design options here as well, such as. e.g. dedicated mail servers in the public cloud, etc.

FeaturesPublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid licenseLicense
AGNITAS productsEMM SaaS (1)
EMM Xpress (2)
EMM Private Cloud (based on EMM Inhouse)EMM InhouseEMM Inhouse (3)
OpenEMM (4)
Software ownershipNoYesYesYes
Hardware ownershipNoOptionalYesYes
Servers located atAGNITAS*AGNITAS* or clientCore system: Client
Mailserver: AGNITAS*
Hardware hosted byAGNITASAGNITAS**Core system: Client
Mailserver: AGNITAS
Administration & maintenance effortNoNoYesYes
Whitelisting incl.YesYesYesNo
Cost models1) Ongoing: cloud operation flat rate + volume based

2) Ongoing: flat rate
One-time: license fee
Ongoing: cloud operation flat rate + volume based
One-time: license fee
Ongoing: maintenance/update flat rate + mail server operation flat rate
3) One-time: license price
Ongoing: maintenance/update flat rate

4) No costs

* in a German high-security data center.
**AGNITAS can also provide hosting on request if the hardware is located at a location chosen by the customer, provided that appropriate access rights are granted.

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