AGNITAS Private Cloud: The hosted EMM license

AGNITAS Private CloudAn EMM license hosted by AGNITAS with exclusive access

By choosing our private cloud, you get a hosted EMM license from AGNITAS. Here you benefit from both the advantages of cloud computing, such as triple ISO-certified security, whitelisting and outsourcing of administrative activities, and the positive characteristics of an on-premise solution, such as maximum control, exclusive access and permanent ownership.

Advantages of a Private CloudA Private Cloud combines the advantages of a Public Cloud with the benefits of an on-premise version:

  • Outsourcing of installation, administration, maintenance and procurement of hardware and software
  • Buy EMM software license once and use it forever
  • Updates to the latest software version of EMM at least every six months (without interrupting operations, if required)
  • Runs on a wide range of Linux versions, co commercial license required
  • Flexible implementation: support for MariaDB and Oracle database software
  • Maximum control over your data and access to it, because you determine the location
  • Deep integration into your IT infrastructure
  • Direct database access to raw data possible
  • Individual level of protection: You determine the security and protection measures yourself
  • Maximum availability: All components can be designed redundantly for fail-safe operation
  • Scale to any size: Adjust the number of servers to your performance needs
  • Set API quotas according to your requirements
  • Maximum data security, certified by ISO certificates 27001, 27017 and 27018
  • GDPR compliance due to numerous EMM features (anonymous tracking, deletion routines, information reports, etc.)
  • Undivided sender reputation through exclusive mail servers
  • White label option allows you to use your own logo and your brand color in the user interface
  • Migration from and to in-house license possible
  • Hosting in German high-end data centers on request
  • On request dispatch via white-listed mail servers for highest deliverability

Definition Private CloudWhat is a private cloud?

A private cloud provides cloud computing services for exclusive users with appropriate authorization via the Internet or over an internal network in a discrete IT environment. Since a private cloud can only be used by a defined group of users, the private cloud is also referred to as an enterprise cloud or internal cloud.

The AGNITAS Private CloudThe hosted EMM license for maximum flexibility and security

Private Cloud - gehosted und administiert durch AGNITAS exklusiv für SieIf the security of your data is an absolute priority and you want to place it in professional, multi-certified hands, the hosted license solution – our private cloud – is just right for you! Here you optimally combine the advantages of EMM SaaS (on demand) and EMM Inhouse (on premise).

With the exclusive Private Cloud, you retain absolute control over who can access your data. AGNITAS hosts and operates both the hardware and the software for you – in your own data center or in a data center of AGNITAS. This means that the EMM is available to you like a cloud service to which only you have access. At the same time, however, you do not have to expend any resources in your IT for administration, monitoring or updates of the on-premise solution. Of course, you have full freedom of design when configuring your individual private cloud – you don’t have to settle for “one size fits all”.

All components of EMM can be designed redundantly to ensure good scalability and high reliability. Due to the self-determined scope of the available hardware resources, you can also freely define the quotas for interfaces such as SOAP web services or the RESTful API.

Thanks to our management of your Private Cloud, you can also enjoy our good reputation and the whitelisting we have earned with mailbox providers. This ensures the highest deliverability of your mailings.

Numerous features of EMM ensure your compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, such as optional anonymous instead of personal tracking, cleanup routines that delete legacy data after defined periods of time, or automated reports for requests for information.

Of course, our reliable support is also available to you in the private cloud.

Cloud and license models in comparisonDon't miss the big picture

Since it is difficult to keep track of the different models, we have prepared a small comparison table for you. Essentially, you can classify the models as follows. However, there are still individual design options here, too, such as. e.g. dedicated mail servers in the Public Cloud, etc.

Differences of cloud and license forms from the user's point of view:

FeaturesPublic CloudPrivate CloudHybrid licenseLicense
AGNITAS productsEMM SaaS (1)
EMM Xpress (2)
EMM Private Cloud (based on EMM Inhouse)EMM InhouseEMM Inhouse (3)
OpenEMM (4)
Software ownershipNoYesYesYes
Hardware ownershipNoOptionalYesYes
Servers located atAGNITAS*AGNITAS* or clientCore system: Client
Mailserver: AGNITAS*
Hardware hosted byAGNITASAGNITAS**Core system: Client
Mailserver: AGNITAS
Administration & maintenance effortNoNoYesYes
Whitelisting incl.YesYesYesNo
Cost models1) Ongoing: cloud operation flat rate + volume based

2) Ongoing: flat rate
One-time: license fee
Ongoing: cloud operation flat rate + volume based
One-time: license fee
Ongoing: maintenance/update flat rate + mail server operation flat rate
3) One-time: license price
Ongoing: maintenance/update flat rate

4) No costs

* in a German high-security data center.
**AGNITAS can also provide hosting on request if the hardware is located at a location chosen by the customer, provided that appropriate access rights are granted.

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