AGNITAS Analytics Package

Data quality as key to success

An optimized lead management with a current enrichment of data is of greatest importance. But it is also essential that you check and clean your data regularly. With the aid of the data quality analysis of AGNITAS you can easily fix errors and clean your data. Additionally you can improve your data subsequently like e.g. with the missing salutation based on a matching with the first name.

Data quality report

The data quality report of AGNITAS reviews with help of various attributes, where you could optimize your recipients data.


  • Number of addresses
  • Number of duplicates
  • Number of active recipients
  • Number of inactive recipients
  • Number of recipients with unknown salutation
  • Number of recipients without last name
  • Number of recipients without first name
  • Number of freemail addresses
  • Number of recipients with broken umlaut
  • Number of new recipients
  • Number of recipients supplied at last
  • Number of recipients updated at last
  • Number of blacklist addresses
  • Number of openers
  • Number of clickers
Data analysis report - part of the Analytics Package

excerpt of a data quality report prime example

Scope of service:

  • Extensive report as PDF with detailed chart representation once every six month
  • Evaluation of the data quality of your mailing list with useful tips and improvement suggestions
  • Consulting regarding further measures to improve your data quality


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Delivery Check

The Delivery Check of AGNITAS enables the control of the delivery of your mailings before and after dispatch.


Pre Delivery Check

Pre Delivery Check

recognize spam criteria before delivery

An automated analysis shows the weak points of the newsletter which could result as a spam classification. This permits the newsletter to be optimized before sending. The analysis is based on the system of Spamassassin. Spamassassin uses different measures to distinguish between desired and not desired mails, for example:

  • Statistical rules which are based on regular terms and which search in the mailings for typical spam sequences
  • Query of black lists of servers which send regularly spam, the realtime blacklists (RBLs)
  • Integrated Bayesian filter which calculates the likelihood, if the new mail is desired or not, on basis of classification previous received mailings.



Post Delivery Check

Post Delivery Check

deliverability control

Detailed monthly reporting shows actual deliveries for the leading freemailers and internet service providers. From this you can find out where increased cooperation with providers would make sense.


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Marketing Intelligence Analyzer Premium

The premium version of Marketing Intelligence Analyzer (MIA) gives you additional key performance indicators and forecast values for the development of your account and mail performance.


MIA Premium

Marketing Intelligence Analyzer Premium

daily over 40 KPIs

With MIA Premium you keep control over the total development of your EMM account. You recognize negative trends, e.g. shrinking mailing lists, decreasing openings etc., on time and can take countermeasures.

MIA Premium provides you daily with over 40 KPIs for your EMM account. Besides of measurable values, you also find numerous forecast values in the analysis.


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