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individual developmentOn this page we present you an overview of the services we offer as part of the development of individual e-mailing software – either as updates, fixed extensions of our standard products or even as completely independent products.

In addition we name several examples that we have individually developed for customers in the last 16 years and also list the technologies we utilize to do so.

What is special about our way of working is that we conceive, organize, structure, modularize and document your project if you so wish such that your team or a third-party can undertake its maintenance and further development at any time ("portable projects"). We offer this quite consciously because we do not want to “chain” you to us as a customer – we want to make you enthusiastic about our services!




  • Holding workshops (on project specification)
  • Creation of a software architecture concept
  • Development of database schemes
  • Design of Web interfaces
  • Programming of software code
  • Layout & design of operating elements
  • Testing of

- Code logic
- Functional units
- Integration
- Load/Scaling
- Security

  • Documentation

- Functional requirements (specification)
- Specification sheets
- Documentation for developers
- Administration handbook
- User handbook
- Online Help in the GUI

  • Re-factoring of existing code

If you have your own ideas or wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're looking forward to the challenge!

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System administration:

  • Server hosting & monitoring
  • Management of available resources
  • Administration of the firewall(s)
  • Creation of backup copies
  • Analysis of log files
  • Inputting of security fixes
  • Updates/upgrades to firmware, operating system and applications
  • Carrying out of security audits
  • Evaluation of data centers

Database administration:

  • Monitoring of the RDBMS
  • Import & export of data
  • ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load)
  • Creation of backup copies
  • Management of tablespace
  • Optimizing performance


  • Telephone hotline
  • E-mail support
  • Hosting contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Update contracts