Cross media for cross-channel marketing

E-Mail, Print, SMS, Fax & Co.

With Cross Media you reach your customers not only by e-mail. Through our premium feature you obtain also the channels print, SMS and fax. Your Account Managers are happy to make an individual offer for you.

Cross media delivery

Cross Media for cross-channel marketingThe E-Marketing Manager can not only send e-mails, but also Print, SMS and Fax. So you can reach your customers with different media and ensure that your message really arrives.

If you create a new mailing, you can choose the media type for the mailing. By choosing SMS dispatch for example, you can send your recipients a message to their mobile phones, providing that you have the mobile number in the profiles of your recipients. You can also choose several media types at once. Then, your recipient gets the message via the cannel you want to deliver preferred – as far as he is available for this channel. You can arbitrarily change the order of the media types for each mailing.

The Web Push Service from AGNITAS lets you reach consumers directly while they surf the Web via an overlay window. When a prospect or customer registers for the notification service on your site, they will receive your short messages via their browser directly while surfing.The browser only needs to be open in the background, no matter what website they are currently using.

For more information about the Web Push Service from AGNITAS click below:

Web Push Notifications

Further channels are already in progress.

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