Cross Media Package for more touchpoints

Cross Media PackageFor more touchpoints

The Cross Media Package opens up completely new communication channels for E-Marketing Manager. Stay as flexible in communication as your recipients and create a unified brand experience. By using the additional channels (e.g. web push, SMS, print and fax), you can create numerous touchpoints in addition to e-mail. The channels can be combined and automated as desired in campaigns. Reach your recipients wherever they go! You can book all cross media channels individually or in combination. We would be happy to provide a quote.


The main advantages of the Cross Media Package at a glance

  • Personalization & targeting: use the customization options of EMM for all channels
  • Uniform branding: communicate across all channels in the same look & feel
  • Multi-channel campaigns: use different touchpoints for your message in one campaign
  • Higher accessibility: higher coverage through more channels

Components of the Cross Media Package:

Web Push NotificationsReach your customers everywhere on the web!

Web push notifications are THE alternative to app push messages. Reach your customers with short messages anywhere on the web, no matter what site they are on. Web push notifications are supported by all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and work on both mobile devices and desktop. Since you do not need your own application for web push notifications, the service is quick and easy to implement. And readily available to your recipients. Keep it simple – like Twitter, brief messages are great for their fast and easy to “consume” content. In addition, you still benefit from the novelty value of this channel, since it is not yet used by the masses.

By the way: In our solution, you get registrations via your own domain, so the opt-ins really do belong to you. This makes you independent of the service provider. Our competitors get the opt-ins via a subdomain (e.g., so the registrations are on the domain of the provider.

Ideal for short notifications – also personalized
Uncomplicated, since no separate application is required
No adblockers, legally secure opt-in

SMSThe safe way for short messages

Even if SMS plays only a subordinate role in interpersonal communication nowadays, it will remain relevant for a long time to come. SMS plays a particularly important role in the transmission of confidential information, such as TANs, passwords, access codes, etc., since it protects the privacy of the recipient. SMS is often used as a verification channel, particularly in the field of two-way authentication (well-known companies like Google and others rely on it). It is also used for notifications like appointment reminders or account updates. As a result, the image of SMS has changed. It has become a serious information service – grown up, in a sense. Further advantages include the fact that the receiver does not need an app or an internet connection for the reception and does not have to approve it first. The only thing you need for delivery is the current phone number.

Independent of internet connection
Secure communication channel
Reduced to the essentials

The SMS is another communication channel in the Cross Media Package

FaxThe industry favorite

The fax is now a rarely used communication medium – but that’s why it gets a lot of attention. Other advantages of this channel include: a document does not have to be scanned first before it can be sent; and it can be tracked via the transmission report and the log to see if the message has been successfully delivered. The fax is still  widely used in specific sectors. Faxes are still regularly sent and received, especially in crafts enterprises, for exhibition stand construction, trade fair and conference organizers, and in the medical environment. These industries are thus generally well reachable by fax. Because the fax meets the “written form requirement”, it is often used for reservations and order confirmations. For this reason, incoming faxes are also checked regularly.

High level of attention because less common
Uncomplicated, since no separate application is required
Widely used in specific sectors

Fax as an eye-catching communication channel

Interested in Cross Media Package? We would be glad to inform you about it!