Free Support for OpenEMM

User Selfservice

This website offers a wealth of service and support information for all users of OpenEMM. Since OpenEMM is Open Source, free service and support is provided as selfservice only – i.e. you have to help yourself!

If you are interested in commercial services like setup support, a service contract, hosting and administration or development, please have a look at the list of commercial services for OpenEMM.
This page summarizes the support categories which are operated on this website:

1. Download Center

The download center offers various supportive documents and manuals on OpenEMM.
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2. Video Tutorials

A picture is worth a thousand words: To get up to speed quickly with OpenEMM watch the video tutorials and learn how to work with OpenEMM.
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3. FAQ Database

The FAQ database lists Frequently Asked Questions with helpful answers. (For posting questions please use our forums).
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4. Support Forums

The OpenEMM forums offer interactive support from the OpenEMM user community. Every now and then the developers of OpenEMM take part, too.
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5. Twitter and Facebook

Get the latest insider info on OpenEMM via the OpenEMM Twitter log. Or become a fan and visit our OpenEMM Facebook page.

6. Service Newsletter

Get the official news on OpenEMM via the OpenEMM e-mail newsletter.
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7. OpenEMM Reporting & Bug Fixing

The bugtracker lists all known bugs in OpenEMM. Some bug descriptions provide workarounds or patch files so that you can bypass those bugs.
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Important: If you have found a security issue, please do not use the bugtracker, but send an e-mail to bugs AT openemm DOT org (and ignore the autoresponder message).

As an alternative to the above mentioned options we offer PDF manuals at SourceForge and the context-sensitive online help within OpenEMM. For all other matters don’t hesitate to use the OpenEMM support forum.