• Redesign of the E-Marketing Manager (EMM): New design of the software with a lot of improvements and new features
  • The number of downloads of the open source software OpenEMM reached the 500.000 mark (current status 527.000)
  • AGNITAS offers Content Marketing by e-mail


  • New for OpenEMM 2013: Plug-in interface, multi-queue sending, context-sensitive online help and web service API
  • EMM supports MySQL as its database
  • Installation of EMM in the Amazon Cloud
  • Start of EMM whitelabel variant
  • Development of an Open Source plug-in solution for e-mail marketing software
  • Relocation of the servers to a new Data Center to give even better availability guarantees
  • EMM Inhouse: Start of a license variant with free MySQL database
  • EMM again in the high-end systems class (2012 study of e-mail marketing software by Absolit)
  • Award: IT innovation prize - Best of 2012 (Certificate)
  • Start of Social Media Manager (SMM) for management and monitoring of social media activities
  • OpenEMM: In the meantime used in over 80 countries
  • Start of OpenEMM Xpress: OpenEMM as a package with preconfigured hardware
  • Extension of the e-abo manager to online-based eCRM


  • Award: Nominee for eco Internet Award 2009
  • Office space extended
  • Membership of ISPA - Internet Service Providers Austria (umbrella organization for Internet business in Austria)


  • EMM Enterprise, an individualized version of EMM for large concerns, is introduced to the market
  • The local AGNITAS development team is expanded to include an international development team
  • New developments through numerous contributions from abroad for the Open Source product OpenEMM
  • Foundation of the eXpress-mailer GmbH, a subsidiary with a flat rate offering for startups and smaller companies
  • Start of the agency program
  • Start of e-abo manager for attracting and managing subscriptions
  • Start of e-seminar manager for online sales and administration of seminars and congresses
  • Award: Open Source Business Award (3rd place)


  • AGNITAS publishes its source code and with OpenEMM offers a free version for download
  • Start of LoyaltyAgent for implementation and operation of a customer bonus program
  • Management team strengthened by Chairman of the Board Helmut Kunkel and the long-time staff member Robert Pietsch
  • Start of TransactionAgent for the sending of transaction mails
  • Relocation of the servers to a new Data Center to handle necessary expansion


  • Martin Aschoff becomes DDV Vice-President (and holds this post until 2008)
  • As DDV Vice-President, Martin Aschoff concludes the fundamental contracts for the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), AGNITAS is a founder member
  • Start of ShopAgent for reactivation of shopping basket terminations
  • Relocation to larger office premises in the Riem trade event center


  • AGNITAS becomes profitable
  • EMM comes onto the market as a license solution
  • Development of the DDV Code of Ethics – Martin Aschoff actively involved in working out the regulations
  • AGNITAS is the first company in the industry to commit to this voluntary self-checking
  • AGNITAS is again the only German supplier to have a solution classified in the highest class (e-mail newsletter software, market overview for mid-range industry by Absolit)


  • Start of DataAgent for automatic bidirectional exchange of data
  • AGNITAS is the only German supplier to offer a high-end system (market overview of e-mail marketing software by Absolit and Upspring)


  • Involvement of the Ebner publishing group as provider of capital and partner for growth financing
  • Relocation away from the original offices because AGNITAS has grown


  • EMM comes on to the market as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and full-service solution
  • AGNITAS wins its first large customer (Tiscali) in June and by doing so is the first German provider for e-mail marketing



  • Foundation of the AGNITAS company by Martin Aschoff
  • Start of development of the first version of E-Marketing Manager (EMM), a software solution for managing and sending of e-mail marketing campaigns


Derivation of the company name

agnitio: Insight

veritas: Wisdom, truth