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More response with our Content Package

Customized content as performance booster for e-mails

The e-mail is still the strongest digital push media. Opening and click rates can increase extremely with the right content. Relevant topics like e.g. news of the field of interest or the weather forecast of the recipient’s residence, create much more attention than regular advertising mails. We show you how easy you can achieve more response with customized content in the long run.

How does Content Marketing by e-mail work?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.
According to the motto:

“The best marketing doesn’t look like marketing.”
Tim Fishburne

Content Marketing – Your benefits

There are plenty of reasons to speak selectivelly to your recipients with customized content by e-mail. Strengthen your customer rentention with relevance and current issues!

Customer Retention:
Achieve a solid customer loyalty with relevant content.
Profile Enrichment:
Get to know your recipients. So you can better reach his or her individual interests.
Activation and clearing up of addresses:
About two thirds of all e-mail addresses are not active. Reactivate these addresses or clear up your address lists.
Content increases the success of your retargeting campaigns. Use relevant content as door opener for identification with your website.
Increase in revenue:
Achieve more turnover with a higher activity of your recipients.

Benefits Content Marketing

There are a lot of possibilities to generate customized content to provide your audience useful and interesting information. The following examples show how you can realize Content Marketing by e-mail with AGNITAS:

News of the field of interest of your recipient

Individuelle NewsChoose a topic, which fits your target group best like e.g. daily news, lifestyle, technique or fashion. Short and succinctly news are integrated in your newsletter automatically and your recipients get content they really find interesting.
You are welcome to receive detailed information upon request.

The weather forecast of the recipient's residence

Wetter ScreenThe weather is the best conversation topic for small talk. If you have the zip code of your recipient, you can integrate the local weather forecast easily in your mailing. Is the zip code not known, just invite your customers to enter it.
You are welcome to receive detailed information upon request:

The personal horoscope of the recipient

HoroskopInform your recipients about their personal horoscope. On the basis of the birthday the horoscope is identified for every recipient. You do not have the birthday of your recipients? Enrich your profiles and elicit valuable data for relevant content.
You are welcome to receive detailed information upon request:

Personalized Pictures

Individual PictureA pictures says more than thousand words! You can get the highest attention with the integration of personalized pictures in newsletters – especially sympathy. Many different personalized motives can be implemented in your campaigns. There are the following categories for pictures:
Celebrations, emotions, food, birthday, natures, sports, technique and more


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