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Content Marketing im E-Mail-Marketing

More response with relevant content

Content is king, everyone knows that by now. But how do you get relevant content distributed as effectively as possible to different channels without having to maintain everything twice? And how can you create individual e-mails that are tailored to the recipient’s interests without having to employ 5 editors every day to create the newsletter? Or is it possible to include completely recipient-specific content – such as surfing or shopping data – in mailings? And is it possible to influence content afterwards, even if the e-mail has already reached the recipient? These questions may also be of interest to you. We have the solution!

Content hub and dynamic content for more interesting contentWith our tools you create more individual content and more variety.

E-mail is still the strongest digital push medium. With the right content, the opening and click rate can be drastically increased. Relevant content generates much more attention than pure advertising newsletters. We will show you how to prepare your mailings with appealing content, generate more response in the long term and strengthen customer loyalty.


“The best marketing doesn’t look like marketing.”
Tim Fishburne

Intelligent content processing with the Content HubYou use your own tool for content creation - we take care of the rest

The Content Hub is the smart interface for automated and intelligent processing of your content. The Content Hub offers you various possibilities to process external content automatically in the EMM. Especially if the recipient can create his own content via a preference center, the Content Hub is an almost indispensable addition to the E-Marketing Manager. Your editors work in familiar CMS tools and create their content there. The Content Hub processes the content from various sources according to an arbitrary set of rules and makes it available to your recipients.

In addition to editorial content, you can also use the Content Hub to manage media slots in your newsletters. The Content Hub also offers ad hoc dispatch for breaking news as well as manual content creation and an interface for customer service staff.

Your content is faster than the police allow? Dynamic Content is the solution!For dynamic content that can be updated even after the mailing has been sent

Of course, the EMM also supports the possibility of integrating dynamic content into your mailings. The whole thing is based on dynamic images that are generated at the time of opening and retrieved from the server. In this way, you can adapt and influence content even after it has been sent. From a greeting that depends on the time of day, to current stock levels or prices, to countdowns and individual product recommendations, countless scenarios are conceivable. Do you have a Special Deal Day with hourly changing offers? You can always show your recipient the currently valid special offer at the opening…

With reference tables that are filled with real-time content via web service or auto-import and a tag that converts texts into images, not only images can be changed subsequently, but also continuous text. But also link targets do not have to be static, but can be adapted as required.

If you need support with the implementation, simply contact us. We are happy to help you!