OpenEMM 20.10 (binaries)

OpenEMM 20.10 (binaries)


Permanently free of charge (registration required) 1
Completely new design and numerous new features
Installer supports you in setting up the OpenEMM
Most successful open source software for email marketing


  • Multi-award-winning software basis for professional email marketing
  • Responsive and intuitive user interface
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Numerous new features, e.g. campaign manager, calendar with reminder and comment function
  • Automated profile enrichment, e.g. latest reactions, recipient status history
  • Extensive documentation, online help, user manual, OpenEMM community in forum, tutorials etc. available (more information here)
  • Support / Commercial Services available from original developers
  • Easy upgrade option if you reach the OpenEMM limits
  • Installer shortens the installation to just a few steps: Enter a few parameters, a few clicks - ready to go

Installation, configuration, technical requirements:

The OpenEMM OpenEMM consists of 3 packages:

  • Deployment and runtime environment (includes installer, size ca. 4 MB)
  • Backend code for dispatch of mails, management of bounces / replies (size ca. 1 MB)
  • Frontend code with GUI, statistics and webservices (size ca. 190 MB)

After registration, you will immediately receive an email to download the deployment and runtime environment. Use the installer to reload the other two packages.

The OpenEMM Wiki contains detailed instructions on how to install and configure the software and all technical requirements.

Note: The open source code is published at

Suitable for:

Linux-Server (RedHat, CentOS and SUSE) | Windows-Server 2 | Mac-Server 2

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2 via VirtualBox - if you want to run OpenEMM virtualized, switch to our OVA file

Detail views (opens in new tab):

OpenEMM DashboardOpenEMM Campaign Manager

Here you can experience OpenEMM without any installation, check out our test access.

OpenEMM Runtime 20.10.tar.gz
OpenEMM 20.10 (binaries)
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