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e-abo manager: Win and manage subscribers

The smart way to manage subscriptions!

e-abo managerThe e-abo manager offers a brand new approach for managing and acquiring newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Management of customer and subscription data – with all the advantages of electronic Customer Relationship Marketing (eCRM) – is possible starting at the price of just three cents per subscription.

The e-abo manager redefines classic subscriber support in both print and online media. In addition to an improved and up-to-date relationship between the publisher and the reader, it also creates a highly interesting and easy-to-achieve savings potential. This is a considerable advantage, especially in times of stagnant or even dwindling advertising business. And it is far from the only one.

An overview of your advantages

  • Management and acquisition of newspaper and magazine subscriptions, for print and online
  • All data is available anytime and anywhere and easy to process online
  • Communicative subscriber management through linking of newsletter, market research and event applications
  • Modular and flexible integration: Integration in nearly every process of your subscription business and automates it to a large extent
  • Automated order confirmations and invoicing, including signature via PDF
  • Monitor success using analysis in real time
  • Extensive settings for user authorizations, web forms, products, release dates, promotions etc.
  • Detailed financial and invoice management for precise planning, implementation, and transparency in all financial processes

e-abo manager Software

More information

Our team will be glad to give you more details on the e-abo manager. Just contact us via telephone at +49 89 / 552908-0 or per e-mail: e-abo@agnitas.de

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The e-abo Manager has enabled us to manage the subscription of our titles in-house once again and at a low cost, so that we can get even closer to our readers. At the same time, the e-abo Manager is opening up new paths for us to gain new subscribers in a cost-effective way.

Dr. Günter Götz - CEO - Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm Publishing House

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