Features e-abo manager

Overview of the extensive features

Below is a list of the important features that the AGNITAS e-abo Manager offers for the management and billing of your publishing products.

Product and billing management:

  • Arrangement of positive and negative products
  • Arrangement of free or paid products with or without physical delivery (digital or analog products)
  • Various durations and payment periods with automatic renewal and transfer to follow-up products
  • Management of various price ranges
  • Serial or introductory delivery with welcome and/or introductory billing
  • Determination of approval conditions for bonuses and gifts
  • Bonuses both free of charge and for supplemental charges
  • Warehouse management for bonuses, products for additional delivery, and one-off and special editions
  • Management of delivery streams: post, ePaper, and eMail
  • Optional separation of product and shipping costs (Pick, Pack and Post – PPP)
  • Destination-country-specific handling of sales tax based on main and supplementary services – also optionally based on threshold values within the intra-community mail-order trade
  • Manual generation of individual invoices as well as automatic, time-controlled mass billing

Extra module of the AGNITAS e-abo manager:

  • PDF printer for generating individual invoices and mass billing
  • Legally compliant sending of PDF bills as e-mail attachments (including digital signature)
  • Self-management of subscriptions

Add-ons for the AGNITAS e-abo manager:

  • Link to payment system providers (concardis, saferpay etc.)
  • Gatekeeper: link to log-in pages for communities or payment content (content subscriptions)