Feature overview of e-abo manager

Die Möglichkeiten des EMMs

Overview of the extensive features and benefits

The e-abo manager ensures that everything to do with subscriptions works perfectly – regardless of the size and form of the offering and individual tasks it is presented with. Below is a list of the important features that the AGNITAS e-abo Manager offers for the management and billing of your publishing products.

Customer Management and CRM

  • Payer/Recipient
  • Contact person
  • Premium taker
  • Subscriber self-gouvernment

Product Management

  • Single and subscription products
  • Digital and analogue products
  • Positive and negative option
  • Free and paid
  • Bonuses and bonus variants
  • Paywalls (soft, metered, hard, with time pass)

Shop Management

  • Form generator (responsive)
  • Shop generator
  • Landingpage generator
  • Content Management

Recurring Billing

  • Individual and flat bill
  • Paypal pay direct
  • Interface payment service provider
  • Financial accounting and accounts handover
  • Dative and SAGE interface


  • sequence control
  • Customer communication with HTML system mails and PDF files
  • PDF invoices
  • ICS file and QR code generator

Data security despite cloud

Subscriptions are managed in the cloud as a software-as-a-service solution. Users do not have to install any software. The e-abo manager is controlled via an Internet browser. You don’t have to invest time and money in programming or software, or deal with technologies and platforms. It is an online solution that can compete in every respect with subscription and recurring billing applications.

Subscription management anytime and anywhere

  • Software made in Germany
  • Storage of data within Germany
  • Fully virtualized environment
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Extensive user and rights management
  • Access to the data only over complex passwords
  • Fail2Ban and CaptCha
  • Change and access logging
  • Reliability and multiple backups

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