Retargeting via E-Mail

Benefit from the advantages of retargeting via e-mailOffer your customers the maximum of relevance

You want to offer visitors to your online shop the products that they recently viewed, via e-mail?
(Retargeting via e-mail)

Yes?! Then an anonymous cookie on the visitor’s computer is not enough. You have to know the e-mail address and require a valid opt-in for this recipient. In the past, it was only possible to e-mail specific offers to visitors who were registered in the shop.

AGNITAS has developed a technical solution that does not require the visitor to log in to the website.
The only prerequisite is for the visitor to be an active newsletter subscriber.

Retargeting via e-mail has many advantages

Retargeting enables you to very precisely target your visitors with products that are relevant to them. In addition to traditional retargeting by inserting banners, retargeting via e-mail offers many other advantages.

Advantages of retargeting via e-mail

Advantages of retargeting via e-mail
  • 1.

    You know the visitor of your shop

    • Enhance your e-mail profiles with interests
    • Personalized communication is possible
    • You control when the recipient is shown the products
  • 2.

    Exclusive environment for your offers

    • No banners on unverifiable websites
    • No external content from other providers
    • You have total control over your presentation
  • 3.

    Your offers acutally arrive

    • 40 - 60 % use ad-block
    • Emails receive more attention than banners
    • You get to know, how the recipients reacts to the offer

Implementation levels for retargeting via e-mail

The path to retargeting via e-mail is extremely easy. Your visitors’ transaction data is saved in the EMM and you can use this to develop individual marketing campaigns. In four steps you have reached individual retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting via e-mail for individual marketing campaigns. (4 steps)

What must be done?

  1. Integrate a tracking pixel on your webiste
  2. Place a cookie with each mailing dispatch
  3. Collect and process data (via EMM)
  4. Set up appropriate campaigns

All you need for the implementation is our Retargeting Package. With this package you receive all necessary premium features for the retargeting.

Individual retargeting campaigns

Through our Behavior Tracking on your website you get to know which pages and products a recipient has visited. You can also see whether the recipient has added a product to the shopping cart and if he or she has finally bought it. Additionally you can enrich the recipients profile with interests – store for example preferred brands, certain categories as well as hobbies. (Note: If you use the Behavior Tracking, you have to inform about that in your data protection statement within Europe.)

With that knowledge you can derive various retargeting campaigns which are tailor-made for your recipients. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • show last seen products at the bottom of normal newsletters
  • individual brand newsletters
  • Follow-up on abandoned carts
  • Product recommendations etc.

You gain the maximum of flexibility for your retargeting campaigns with our Automation Package.

Contact us if you want to increase your revenue with our retargeting solution! We are happy to consult you about implementing your customized retargeting solution.