New version of the popular openemm software available

OpenEMM 2015: New Functions for the free E-mail Marketing Software

Munich, 25.02.2015. OpenEMM, the world’s most popular open source software for newsletter with more than 500,000 downloads is now offering a variety of new functions. The new features include new target groups, more interfaces, improved usability and a refined bounce detection.
The free tool offers users the technology they need for modern e-mail marketing. The updated version of OpenEMM is available to download straight away and is being constantly further developed by online communities.

Up until now, more than 500,000 downloads of OpenEMM have been recorded on, a popular portal for open source programs. Martin Aschoff, founder and CEO of AGNITAS AG knows the reasons behind its success: “With OpenEMM, we offer an unbeatable combination: great performance and all for zero cost. The wide range of functions of our web based solution distinguishes it from other open source programs and has led to users preferring our software”.

AGNITAS, a technical service provider and a pioneer in the fields of e-mail marketing and marketing automation has kitted out its latest version with new, useful features:

  • Senders now have the opportunity to create new target groups on the basis of receive-, opening and click- behaviour. As soon as a recipient receives, opens or clicks on an e-mail from a mailing list they are then part of different target groups for subsequent mailings.
  • The number and functions of the interfaces have increased. Therefore, users can profit from the automated, time-controlled import/export function in order to automatically exchange recipient data with other systems. They can also expect more automation within the web services where, thanks to new methods, large scale operations are now also possible. For example, this could be used to carry out collection updates on recipients.
  • The backend now also has a refined Bounce-detection. The updated and honed analysis once again can help to improve the delivery rate.
  • Many individual improvements contribute to greater user-friendliness: the improved sending page, an expanded validator for mail-content, accurately definable list lengths, new sorting of menu options, administration and smaller factors such as more logical default values or better arranged field contents.

Optimised: Mailing list Administration and Security

Moreover, the developers of AGNITAS have refined the mailing processing features as well as the security features: For example, now users create their mailing with an up to date editor, for the preview there is also an image suppressor option and collective sign-ups for multiple mailing lists at the same time is also possible. Amongst other features, the expanded, revision-proof user activity log, the filtering of harmful statements in the velocity scripts and the logging and reporting of failed login attempts all help to bolster security.

Important for technicians: OpenEMM 2015 shows helpful error messages in case of database problems and also runs using the most up to date versions of Java and Tomcat.

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AGNITAS is a technical service provider and software developer for e-mail marketing and marketing automation. AGNITAS stands out through its robust, high performance software and its ability to provide client orientated solutions. With AGNITAS’ e-mail marketing platform the E-Marketing Manager (EMM), numerous e-mail campaigns can be drafted, sent out and evaluated. The power of EMM can be used as a service (SaaS), full service or licensed solution.

Since 2006, the completely free e-mail marketing software OpenEMM has been an integral part of AGNITAS AG’s product portfolio. This software is derived from the E-Marketing Manager and has been further developed together with the Open Source community worldwide.

AGNITAS was founded in 1999 and has renowned companies such as Baur Versand, Conrad Electronic, IBM and Tomorrow focus amongst its customers.


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