Get involved

We would like you to become involved with OpenEMM.

If you want to help us with the development of the next releases of OpenEMM, please read the OpenEMM Contributor Agreement below. No problem if you are not a software developer, because there are lots of other ways to help:

  • Install our current release of OpenEMM on other Linux distributions than Red Hat, Fedora Core and CentOS
  • Test release candidates of new versions for bugs (please read more about Bug Postings)
  • Write FAQs for our OpenEMM FAQ Database or other documentation
  • Translate OpenEMMs language file “” (right now the user interface is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese language) and its install and user documentation
  • Design alternative user interfaces (skins)
  • Support other users of OpenEMM by answering their questions in the OpenEMM support forums
  • Offer Bugfixes and Patches (via OpenEMM Bugtracker)

All kinds of help are appreciated!

OpenEMM Contributor Agreement

If you want to contribute code, text or graphics to OpenEMM, for legal reasons we kindly ask you to read and to sign the OpenEMM Contributor Agreement first. To create this document we simply took the excellent Contributor Agreement of Oracle (former SUN) which is used – among other things – for OpenJDK (Java) contributions, and renamed it. What we like most about this agreement, is, that it is fair and short – and especially short of legalese. We hope you agree!

If you have questions regarding the OpenEMM Contributor Agreement, please visit SUN/Oracle’s extensive FAQ where SUN/Oracle answers a lot of potential questions. Just replace “Oracle” with “AGNITAS” (the original developer of OpenEMM) in your mind.

Contact data:

e-mail address:

fax number: ++49 89 / 55 29 08-69