Lead Management

Profile Enrichment for more customer engagement

Generation, administration and evaluation of customer and prospect data

Lead ManagementSuccessful e-mail marketing subsists on data. The more you know about your recipients, the more individual campaigns are possible. Decisive is not the mass of data, but the quality of the data.

If you like to send targeted and personalized e-mail campaigns, perfect data management is essential. With support of AGNITAS, you converte Big Data to Smart Data. Completely automated processes, tools and interfaces ensures that your data are always up to date and are enriched currently with valuable information.

Profile Enrichment

The connection of different systems like CRM, CMS or shop system with the E-Marketing Manager enables a centralized data management for your recipients data. So it is possible to save important information about your customers and prospects directly on their profile. Via Interfaces, DataAgents, Auto-Import and User-Selfservice-Forms you can simply generate and update your recipient data.

A simple way to get to know more about your recipients, is Content Marketing by e-mail. Just provide your recipients relevant content, the click behaviour gives you a lot of information about their interests which you can save on their profiles. We gladly support you with the realization of Content Marketing by e-mail.

Target Group Management

To collect data is very easy, the challenge is the targeted use of them. With a smart creation of target groups, you can reach your customers on every touch point of the customer journey. Realtime and agile marketing campaigns enable reactions in realtime.

Evaluation of data

Crucial to the success of your acitivies is the quality of your data. With comprehensive evaluations for data quality checks, you can keep an overview, you can correct mistakes and you can clear up your data. The data quality report of AGNITAS continually informs you about the state of your data.


As a matter of course AGNITAS and your personal contact person are always there for you to provide advice.

Here you can find 10 tips for successful lead management:

Lead Management Tips