Smart Data for automated and intelligent data processes

Data as basis for successful marketing automation

With the Premium Features for automated data processes it is possible to use your data of different systems with the E-Marketing Manager more purposeful. All smart data features can be ordered separately. Your account manager will be glad to make an individual offer for you.

Smart Data Features

Auto Import and Auto Export

Smart Data: Auto-import and auto-export supports your data processingA CSV file with recipients data which is saved on a server, can be imported automatically into the E-Marketing Manager. If the appropriate import profile is set up once and the right server and path is chosen, everything runs totally automatically.

You decide in which intervall the import or the export should happen. Day and time can be defined arbitrarily, too. Just the same you can determine for which mailing lists the recipients should be subscribed to. Theoretical the import or the export can run on every day to a certain time as well as you can choose one or more mailing lists for the imported recipients data. Also an import to so called reference tables is possible.


The integration of third party systems like CRM, Online-Shop, ERP or CMS is mandatory for the realization of automated and individual campaigns. There are different types of interfaces, which are suitable for different exercises. Our account managers are happy to advise you with the right choice of interfaces:

Smart Data: different interfaces are available

  • DataAgent: Data transfer between two applications (CSV-, XML- or JSON files)
    The bidirectional data exchange works completely automated and needs no manual operations. Certain encryption mechanisms prevent the recording of potential corrupt data. Synchronization intervals can be user-defined.
    Application examples: CRM systems, shop systems, ERP systemsYou can find more information in our factsheet: AGNITAS DataAgent
  • Webservices: The WS2-API offers about 60 functions which can be called up by a remote application. With this functions you can create, call up, change or delete mailings, mailing lists, target groups, recipients or other objects in the E-Marketing Manager. Furthermore you can search for certain recipients, initiate a mail dispatch or the calculation of statistical data.
  • Shared data base: Exchange through the common use of the same tables or through trigger which synchronize the data between the tables automatically.

Our Account Managers will be glad to advise you with the right choice of Premium Features.

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