Smart Data Package for optimal networking

AGNITAS Smart Data PackageFor the optimal networking of different systems

With the Smart Data Package, you can use your collected database across all systems with E-Marketing Manager. We offer various interfaces and automated data exchange solutions that you can use flexibly. All Smart Data features can be booked individually or in combination – we would be happy to provide you with a quote.


The most important advantages of the Smart Data Package at a glance

  • Automated data exchange: access to the latest database, no manual effort required
  • Bidirectional data flow: sync data in any direction
  • Maximum flexibility: use your complete knowledge for individual campaigns
  • Versatile interfaces: any system can be integrated

Components of Smart Data Package:

Auto import & auto exportFastest implementation of standardized data exchange

Auto-import and auto-export provide you with the fastest-to-implement interface for regular data exchange. The method is as simple as it is effective. The data exchange takes place via a simple CSV file (the most common data format) and is based on our normal import or export. The profile not only defines the fields you want to export or import, but also how often the data is updated. From once a week, to once a day, to every hour (for an extra charge), all update intervals are possible.

The file is either provided or stored on an AGNITAS server (for an extra charge) or your own SFTP server. You can fill and export recipient data and reference tables (part of the Retargeting Package). This allows you to synchronize any data with EMM. If you use the Automation Package, you can also automatically export the recipient data for mailings. It is also possible to automatically export all response data or changes to recipient profiles for the previous day for further processing (in your CRM, for example).


We offer you the auto-mapping as an optional feature (at no extra charge). If the column labels in your CSV file are the same as the field names in EMM, the program automatically detects which values need to be imported into which field. This feature is useful if the structure of your CSV file changes regularly.

Fast and easy implementation
Especially suitable for bulk updates
No development expense on both sides

Daily intervals for auto import and auto export

Web services (SOAP interface)Real-time update of individual data as well as bulk updates and remote administration of EMM

The web service API 2.0 provides you with over 70 methods that you can use to create, update, retrieve, or delete data in real time. But not only that – you can also use the web services to remotely control EMM without having to log in to the tool yourself. For example, initiate the search for specific recipients, the creation of a new target group, the delivery of a mailing or the calculation of statistical data.

The web services are provided through the XML-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). This makes it possible to synchronize individual data records with information (e.g. purchase data) in real time. But also large amounts of data, so-called bulk updates, can be processed with the interface at once. The web service interface has been extensively documented and is constantly being advanced. In addition, application examples and FAQs help with integration. With web services you can connect, control and exchange any system with EMM.

Data exchange in real time (for individual data and bulk updates)
Standard interface to any system
Data exchange and remote control

Interfaces und Schnittstellen zu anderen Systemen

RESTful interfaceService for triggering mailings or for recipient updates

The RESTful service is an alternative to the SOAP interface if you want to trigger the delivery of action-based mails for individual recipients including their content or import recipient data. The data is transmitted either in XML or JSON format. However, as this interface is less standardized, each connection must be specified individually.

Data exchange in real time
Individual interface to your systems
Data exchange possible in XML or JSON

The RESTful interface allows you to exchange data with the EMM in real time

DataAgentPowerful individual interface with the greatest possible variety

DataAgent is an individual interface that is specified and implemented precisely to your needs. It enables data exchange in any format, at any time. You can address both recipient data and reference tables with DataAgent. It can communicate bidirectionally, but also only one-way, in any direction. DataAgent is also independent of database and table design on both systems.

In addition to pure exchange, data modification or processing is also possible – for example, you could add, interpret or categorize values. Intelligent security mechanisms prevent the recording of potentially corrupt data and provide warnings. DataAgent is particularly suitable for the processing of large amounts of data, which means it is well prepared for bulk updates.

Data exchange and the modification of large amounts of data
Individual interface to your systems
Maximum safety and flexibility

The DataAgent is the individual interface with the greatest possible flexibility

Shared DataUse of common database between several clients

Shared data is a special form of data synchronization and based on the use of a common database or the same tables or synchronized information. This method is particularly useful if you manage several clients in EMM, but some of them should access the same data. In this case too, you determine the type and implementation individually.

EMM-internal data exchange
Individual configuration for each application
Common database in several clients

Shared data for sharing

Interested in Smart Data Package? We would be glad to inform you about it!

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