Marketing Automation for Banks and Financial Institutions

E-Mail-Marketing für Banken und Finanzinstitute ist Vertrauenssache

Trust and safety have top prioritySecure email communication and marketing automation for financial institutions

Datenschutz und Datensicherheit sind für Banken und Versicherungen essentiell - auch im MarketingIn hardly any other area are data protection and data security as elementary as they are for banks and financial service providers. A tiny data leak can already lead to a huge scandal and be severely damaging to business. This is not the only reason why a financial services provider cannot afford a data loss.

The financial industry involves highly sensitive data, the misuse of which can have serious consequences for those affected – whether it involves account data, assets, loans or other monetary transactions. For this reason, data protection and data security are top priorities for credit institutions and financial service providers, because customer trust is crucial to the business relationship. After all, as a financial service provider, you have a reputation to lose.

The software applications used must also meet these high demands and security standards. This makes it a real challenge to find suitable partners and solutions. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the trend toward cloud applications harbors further conflicts of interest. After all, cloud solutions are not as secure as a bank safe, and control of the data is taken out of one’s hands.

Email marketing tools and marketing automation software are also sensitive IT applications due to the large amount of personal data involved. In addition, banks face another challenge here: Phishing and spoofing attacks are often used to try to obtain this sensitive customer data. As a result, recipients display a natural distrust of emails from financial institutions, which you must counteract with various trust-building measures. The demands on marketing communications are also becoming more stringent. After all, financial service providers – driven by the FinTech idea – have to bring ever more individualized offers to the customer, preferably in real time.

You, as a bank or financial insitute, would like to be on the safe side when it comes to email marketing?

Then go for our license variant. With EMM Inhouse, you have maximum control over your data and processes. The software license is suitable for anyone who needs a professional marketing automation solution and doesn’t want to take their data off-site. There are even more arguments in favor of our award-winning software on premise:

Advantages of our software license for financial institutionsThere are many reasons for a bank to rely on EMM Inhouse

  • You have absolute control over all data and access rights
  • Software license means buy once and use permanently
  • Secure internal and external communication with large distributors and individuals
  • Shipping via allowlisted server in the hybrid solution
  • Flexibly deep integration and extension of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Agile implementation through support of MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle databases
  • Individually scalable server park according to data volume and performance requirements
  • Supports SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI for increased trust on the receiving end
  • Separate clients for own divisions, lines of business, branches and subsidiaries
  • Meets the requirements of the EU-GDPR
  • Audit-proof logging of user activities
  • Optional CI-compliant user interface with whitelabeling
  • Direct access to database for deep dive analysis
  • Individual security hardening of system configuration
  • Multiple EMM instances, e.g. for development, staging, live operation and standby
  • Single-sign-on integrations for fast operability from other tools
  • Tailored interface requirements to SOAP and RESTful web services
  • Connectivity to proprietary internal systems
  • Additional support contract with out-of-hours availability and reduced response time

Everything under your roof

The EMM supports you e.g. with the dispatch of:

individualized and personalized

Autoresponders with (personalized) forms / PDFs

automated service and transactional

Interval mailings, e.g. account statements, stock portfolio

date-controlled mails, e.g. for

Recommendations on behalf of the account manager

SMS messages e.g. for service

Web push
news about
current offers

The EMM Inhouse also offers:

CRM functionality for target group creation & data enrichment

Multiple statistics and analysis functions for measuring success

Delivery and read control on receiver basis

Campaign manager for automated mail campaigns

Behavior tracking for behavior-based recommendations

interfaces for integration

for separate data

Allowlisting for increased delivery rates and reach

Our license solution can also be used as a hybrid solution with the allowlisted mail servers from AGNITAS. You benefit from the highest data security and best deliverability. Especially for banks, this reduces the risk of falling victim to spam filters.
Encrypted e-mail transmission, further measures and signatures additionally increase your trustworthiness. With EMM Inhouse, you have all the features of professional marketing automation software, including behavior tracking of your customers on your website.

For a complete feature overview of our email marketing solution, click here:

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Use Cases in the Banking SectorApplication examples and suggestions for marketing automation software

There are plenty of reasons for email marketing in the banking sector: introducing a new product/service, informing customers about legal changes, communicating account or loan adjustments. But there are also numerous use cases for cross-channel campaigns, from automated SMS messages for appointment reminders to programmatic printing.

The classic newsletter is rarely given the same priority at banks as it is at eCommerce companies. Nevertheless, there are enough reasons to be present with customers via email. Even if the product range remains the same, you can inform your investors about new services and benefits. Of course, we offer unlimited possibilities for personalization and target group filtering.

Perhaps you frequently publish general tips on your blog, such as savings tips or new stocks. Again, a newsletter is a great way to increase traffic to your website through announcements.

It is also important to inform customers about current changes in the law or adjustments to the general terms and conditions. In this way, you show transparency and your customers always know what the current situation is.

👉 Show presence

👉 General information for interested parties and customers

👉 Present new offers and services

👉 Communicate legal changes transparently

Next-best-offer campaigns are a very effective customer development tool. Automatically give your customers tailored offers and suggestions based on their behavior and the products they already use. Generate more brand loyalty and increased sales through cross-selling and upselling.

You can have campaigns launched either by triggers (when a specific event occurs) or according to specific time units. Content can be retrieved on a daily basis, so your campaign never loses its relevance.

👉 Upselling and Crossselling

👉 Send customer-specific recommendations automatically

👉 Daily updated content

For transaction-related communication, you can rely on automated mailings. One of the biggest requests on the part of the customer is a digital solution. This bypasses telephone queues and other waiting times. It starts with automatic confirmation of the request and ends with predefined actions triggering the desired notification. In addition, forms and documents – even pre-personalized – can be provided quickly and easily. As a result, you save time, money and manpower. And also bringing you one step closer to closing new deals.

Potential customers thus have the opportunity to receive automated initial offers and information material. After just a few clicks on your homepage. This service can also be easily coupled with a newsletter subscription. This saves both you and the customer valuable time. Not to mention the self-growing mailing list. Following this process, you can launch automated welcome campaigns that result in customer onboarding campaigns.

If you decide to use the AGNITAS mail servers for sending mail, you can also still benefit from whitelisting. To protect personal data, we try to deliver the emails encrypted. Only if the receiving mail server does not support this, they will be delivered unencrypted, but this can also be suppressed if desired.

👉 Avoid waiting times

👉 Send personalized forms and documents in real time

👉 Reduce administrative effort

👉 Sending with whitelisting and encryption possible

You can also provide smaller branches with an effective marketing tool via client management. You provide the mailing templates from a central location and the manager of the respective branch can communicate with his customers using your CD. Of course, each client also has every statistical function. Thus the evaluation of the mailing successes is no problem. As an administrator, you have access to all clients and can therefore always maintain an overview.

Each client can only view and manage its own recipients. This ensures that the communication meets the requirements of the EU-GDPR.

👉 Uniform templates with corporate design

👉 EU-GDPR compliant data management

👉 Marketing tool for subsidiaries

Do you offer appointments on your homepage? The EMM can support you here as well. Each customer automatically receives an appointment confirmation with his own ID and a link that allows him to cancel or reschedule the appointment. On your bank’s side, the appointment is automatically recorded and integrated into an internal calendar. You also have the option of sending appointment reminders. Here you can also list all the required documents again. Win-win situation on both sides: Less organizational effort on the part of your employees and less waiting time for customers. The E-Marketing Manager thus takes over the complete automation of your standard communication processes and relieves your employees.

👉 Automated appointment confirmations with transaction numbers

👉 Reminder mailings with reference to required documents

👉 No waiting times, less effort for employees

In addition to external communication, internal communication must not be neglected. Particularly in branch-based companies, good corporate communications are essential to ensure that individual branches or divisions do not feel left behind. This also keeps identification with the company stable. Communicate all important information and messages to all employees in this way. Internal newsletters are the perfect tool for this. Establish different newsletter formats and target groups as needed. There are plenty of possible applications: from the monthly infoletter, which summarizes the most important events and news for all employees, to the occasion-related information letter for the branch managers. Mailings specifically tailored to certain employees are also possible. If, for example, there is a system conversion or process change, only the colleagues affected receive the information they need.

Communication is thus tailored to the individual employee. They receive information that is relevant to them and are not bothered by unnecessary content. In addition, more informal distribution lists are also conceivable – for example, there could be an eLetter especially for trainees or a free employee magazine. In any case, there are plenty of advantages: more motivation, loyalty, exchange and more fun at work.

Since it is an in-house system, you are the master of all your data. Not a single data record ends up with third-party providers. Sensitive personal data and information thus remain protected and cannot be tapped from outside.

👉 Secure communication within the organization

👉 Employees are up to date, without loss of time

👉 Employees receive only the information relevant to them

👉 More sharing and communication promotes bonding

Not sure if an in-house solution is right for you because you lack the technical and administrative resources? Then take a look at our EMM Private Cloud. The EMM Private Cloud offers all the comforts of our cloud solution and is characterized by the fact that the closed system is exclusively available to your company – an EMM in-house hosted and maintained by AGNITAS on your behalf, so to speak. The private cloud also meets the highest security standards and the requirements of ISO standards 27001, 27017 and 27018.

Get to know the EMM, we will be happy to advise you.