Inbox PreviewNewsletter-Optimierung für jedes Device

E-Marketing Manager‘s inbox preview is a valuable tool for checking the display of your mailings on different email clients, browsers and devices before you start sending them. This means that you will notice display errors in good time and can optimize your mailings accordingly.

The most important advantages of Inbox Preview

  • Shortened test phases: Immediate, visual previews
  • Benefits: Unlimited test runs
  • Versatility: Applicable to multiple browsers, email clients, and devices
  • Simplicity: No additional software required
  • Added value: Spam check

The inbox preview shows you with screenshots how your mailing will be displayed on the different displays and browsers etc.. You don’t have to get 10 different devices and countless test accounts to cover all combinations. This saves time, energy and is easy on the nerves.

Interested in the Inbox Preview? We will be happy to inform you!