EMM Xpress – the Email Marketing Flat Rate

EMM Xpress: Professional Email Marketing with a Flat RateMaximum Transparency, Huge Scope of Features and Unlimited Volume

EMM Xpress is a lighter version of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) variation of the award-winning E-Marketing Manager. Its flat rate fee is the special feature of EMM Xpress, which allows you to control your expenses precisely and avoid surprises. EMM Xpress is particularly well-suited for anyone who wants a fast, professional and simple approach to email marketing. The flat rate includes unlimited mailing volumes.


Advantages of Software Flat Rate LicensingThere are many good reasons to use EMM Xpress!

  • Absolute transparency of flat rate expenses
  • No IT expenses: no purchase, no setup, no hardware or software maintenance expenses
  • No expenses for databases or ongoing operation tasks
  • Unlimited mailing volumes regardless of how often you send or how large your distribution list is
  • Periodic updates relieve you of the need and problems of updating
  • A professional email marketing tool that includes numerous statistics and other features without any additional charges
  • Templates for email messages and subscription/un-subscription process make getting started easier
  • Hardware hosting in a professional computer center

EMM Xpress: the Complete, Worry-free Flat RateYou do not need to worry about anything except sending your newsletters!

EMM Xpress is a smart flat rate solution for successful email marketing, which is based on the award-winning AGNITAS E-Marketing Manager. Just send your newsletters and email messages to your customers and interested parties; it’s simple, professional and exceptionally inexpensive using the flat rate fee. With eMM Xpress, you get the entire package for email marketing at a flat rate: hardware, software, database, administration and bulk transmission in one package.

EMM Xpress already provides most of the features of E-Marketing Manager (view full range of features). The full version of EMM SaaS will also provide the benefits of white-listed servers, increased transmission speed and additional marketing channels. If your needs grow with time, you can upgrade to EMM SaaS without any problems because it uses the same data structure.

FAQsYou have questions? We have the answer!

We will assure a transmission speed of 10,000 email messages per hour (at 20 KB per message), if other services like database import or export processes are not occurring at the same time and the recipients (Internet service providers, corporate mail servers and so on) do not delay reception.

The EMM Xpress database can hold up to 200,000 recipient profiles without any problems. The capacity depends on which flat rate system you have chosen. EMM Xpress does not allow more than 200,000 profiles. Please note that importing and exporting the maximum amount will require somewhat more time and transmission using large distribution lists requires significantly more time.


By default, 50 custom profile entries can be created. However, you can buy additional packages of profiles (units of 50) on an as needed basis.

With the support package our experts are available for you by phone and e-mail. You have 5 requests per month free. The requests are not transferable.

A bounce loop automatically detects returned bounce messages and marks the recipient as non-reachable. The bounce loop will distinguish between responses written by customers and real bounce messages. Normal email responses from customers will be sent directly to you. The system detects bounce messages and marks the recipient as bounced.

There are two types of bounce messages.

  • Hard bounce means that the email message cannot be received, permanently. This may occur when the mail server for the email address does not exist or it does exist, but the email address for the recipient is unknown.
  • Soft bounces occur when, for example, the recipient’s inbox is full or the email address does exist, but the mail server cannot be accessed temporarily. The record indicates that the email cannot be received temporarily. The email message may be resent and received at a later time.

 Bounce management allows you to keep the mailing list clean and up-to-date automatically. A bounce message is an error message that is automatically sent to the sender by a mail server when an email is undeliverable. Bounce management manages permanently and temporarily undeliverable e-mail addresses and filters error messages and autoresponder e-mails.Permanently unreachable addresses will be removed from the distribution list so that your reputation with email clients will not be endangered.

If you want to use bounce management, you need to set up a dedicated mail exchanger record in your DNS. Information about the Mail Exchanger Record will be sent to you after booking with the customer information.

The pre-delivery check will check the content of your newsletter before sending it based on spamming criteria. Potential risks that trip an email client’s spam filter are checked by the pre-delivery check using a key, the so-called spam rating. Afterwards, the pre-delivery check will total the individual assessment keys. If these assessment keys exceed the thresholds individually set by various providers and free mailers, the email message or newsletter will be blocked by spam filters by those providers and free mailers. The pre-delivery check will check the spam ratings for your email messages and thereby determine the probability of receipt. The total spam rating can therefore be kept as low as possible by optimizing potential weaknesses before transmission.

EMM Xpress Demo AccountWith us, you are not buying a pig in a poke. Test us!

Would you like to test EMM Xpress first and get to know the user interface? A demo account is available to you at any time. Several features, such as the ability to send newsletters, have been disabled for the demo account.

You will need the following access data to log in:

Username: demo_en
Password:  eMM-Xpr3ss

Please do not save any personal data using this account, because anyone can access it!

Tip: When you use the demo account, you will find a Help button at the top right of every page that will provide a brief description of each area.

Prices and optional packagesConfigure your EMM Xpress according to your requirements!

EMM Xpress "Basic"

up to max. 50,000 profiles

Contract period 6 months
unlimited shipping volume

only 99,- € net monthly

EMM Xpress "Standard"

up to max. 200,000 profiles

Contract period 12 months
unlimited shipping volume

only 149,- € net monthly

Support package

With the support package our experts are available to you by phone * and e-mail and answer your technical questions about EMM Xpress.

Minimum term 6 months, 5 requests are monthly

only 49,- € net monthly

Backup package

Backup your database night after night. Who wants to lose data? We take over the backup of your database night after night.

Minimum term 6 months

only 49,- € net monthly

Webservice package

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure. Using the SOAP Web Services interface 2.0, integrate the EMM Xpress to directly to control your CMS or CRM system.

Minimum term 6 months

only 150,- € net monthly

Individual domain

If you do not want to use EMM Xpress with the domain provided by us, but with your own domain, please contact us sales@agnitas.de.

Configure EMM Xpress now